Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just a day in the life.....

********UPDATE ON THE UPDATE******
The snake has been retrieved, the reptile experts that live next door say it's a glass snake, and Russell put him in his garden! Does he not know that snake can slither right back to the pool???


The snake is in the pool skimmer! I know because I looked and almost had a heart attack! I would have fallen in the pool, but then that little sucker could have swam out of the skimmer and gotten me! I called the husband at work.....he wasn't even upset! Can you just imagine that???

Tuesday turned into a fun day when my friend Kristi called and she and Karina came to swim!

Notice the chair they're sitting on because it will take on new significance in a moment!

Karina loves Jack.....Jack the dog who will not let me touch his ears without giving me a nip, let Karina HOLD his ears and just licked her sweetly! She was so precious with both my dogs....the girl NEEDS a puppy mom!

Now the very next day, (yesterday) Jack, my little bundle of anxiety, had a vet's appointment because at least twice a month, he throws up like it's his full time job has a little stomach distress problem. We sort of tracked it and it seemed like he had his worst episodes after he had been stressed. Like going to the groomer, riding in the car for any reason, having company, etc. So.....after many tests.....I should hear from the doctor today if Jack will be going on an anti -anxiety drug. In other words, the doctor is pretty sure my high strung, handsome boy suffers from anxiety related stomach problems. Hey, as a matter of fact, so do I!

AND sure enough, we got home from the vet and in a few hours the throwing up started! I'm not sure we needed the tests! Honestly, we may as well have had a 5th child.

Also on this day of days, as I was washing the left overs from Jack's moment of distress off the welcome mat, what do we see under the same chair our friends were sitting on the day before????? A SNAKE! Yes, I see it's a small snake, but a snake is a snake.

I hurried the dogs inside where they proceeded to carry on because they, being the courageous hunters they are, wanted to get out there and take care of that little intruder that scared the wits out of their mama!

I guess eventually the snake got tired of all the drama and headed for who knows where. All I know is that the dogs didn't go out after dark.


Keetha Broyles said...

But honey, snakes are great - - - they EAT far worse things.

Tonja said...

A snake is a snake...and I like them as far away from me as possible!!! I keep thinking...after I get into the pool...maybe I should check before I get in! If I saw one in the pool with me...they'd have to remove my body later cause I would have a heart attack!

nancygrayce said...

Keetha, they can eat privately and out of my sight!!!!!

Tonja, I ALWAYS check before I go in the pool. Ever since our neighbor's water walking huge lizard escaped and I just happened to catch a look at him scurrying across my pool! Somebody had better be getting rid of the snake! It's hot and I'd like a dip in the pool!

Leslie said...

I would forever be paranoid about going into the pool! I HATE snakes!

Donnetta said...


We went on a youth/church hike Sunday and a plain old gardner snake slithered in front of me. Of course I screamed.

The others on the hike said they thought I saw a bear the way that I screamed. I guess I was quite convincing that I do not do snakes well.

Mimi said...

I'm so terrified of snakes!!! Remember I live in Arizona!!! We had 2 snakes wonder onto our place where we lived before!!! I have seen a few
dead ones out here where we live now, dead are ok!!!!
I thought Florida gets wandering Alligators!!!!Even worse huh???