Saturday, June 13, 2009


About 11 years ago, I went to the feed and seed store and there in a cage were kittens. A brother and sister who were huddled together obviously scared to death. They weighed less than a pound each. Later that day, I called my husband at work and said, I got some kittens.......silence.......then, what do you mean kittenSSS??? Wow that started a long relationship with our two cats, Max and Molly.

Here they are when they first came home. I'm not really sure if they thought the rooster was their mama, but they liked being next to her. They also loved our big lab Sam. When he died, they were so lonely. So I got two little dogs to replace one big guy. I know, I know. Two dogs?????

For a few days, Molly.....the grey tabby.....had been acting oddly. We didn't pay her too much mind, since she was an odd kitty. She was never very social and liked only one person, Matt. She was his cat. When he left to go to college, Molly was inconsolable. Tuesday, we noticed she seemed swollen, even her face. So off we went to the vet. As soon as he saw her, he whisked her away and that was the last we saw of her. She was a mystery even in death. Our vet did every test and kept her on a warming table, but she died during the night, just too sick to get better.

She loved to sit in front of that door in the sun. She wouldn't venture outside though. Everybody misses her. The other animals are all moping around.

I have to say we have the sweetest vet. He was so kind and each time he called, he tried to be as comforting as possible. Thanks, Dr. F for your loving care of all our animals.

So, we bid goodbye to Molly. She was a good old girl.


Keetha Broyles said...

This was a precious post. Molly left fun warm memories behind. I'm sorry she's gone, but glad you have those memories.

Mimi said...

OH I'm so sorry about your cat Molly, pets become like family members and it is so sad to say good-bye to them. The other pets must feel a little lost without her as well.
God Bless you and comfort you today

Leslie said...

Oh, I'm so sorry about Molly! It's funny that she and her brother would curl up to that rooster. We had a cat a long time ago (before kids, our oldest is allergic to them), and he would curl up next to this cement frog that we have. We called it "Mommy Frog". Our cat is long gone (hit by a car), but we still have the frog. It has moved with us everywhere over the past 21 years. BEFORE I knew my husband, he stole this frog from someone's fountain in their yard! Let's just say it was a drunken college prank. The frog currently sits on our front porch and reminds me of our cat every time I look at it.

I hope Molly's brother doesn't miss her too much!

Dawn said...

It's hard to lose a pet. But it is good when they go peacefully like that. Our dear Fritzie died in his own bed while we were at work one day - we had been trying to figure out what to do about his decline, but we didn't have to worry about it. Very sad, but the best way. I know Max will miss her. As will all of you.

nancygrayce said...

Thanks everybody! It is strange, but you can tell the other animals wonder where she is.....and probably if they're next! Yikes!

Jess said...

Thats so sad, and I'm sorry for your loss and I know your other pets really miss her.

Hope the good memories ease your sadness.

Love, Jess

dabneyh said...

sorry you lost Molly!!!! I love Dr. F. He is such a great vet! You can tell he really cares for the animals.

Katie and Beau said...

Okay, I'm sad about Molly too. But...when are you going to post the REAL story about that cat? :-)