Monday, June 8, 2009

New Friends

Summer is a time when many college students are home from school and either work or just enjoy their time away from their studies and reconnecting with friends.

On campuses across the nation, many college students belong to Christian organizations such as Campus Outreach, Campus Crusade, RUF, BCM,etc. Some of these students give their summer to evangelical projects. The one here is called Beach Project. Students come from universities to spend their summer working to pay their expenses, participating in worship in a local church and doing various beach projects to share the gospel through forming relationships with other beach visitors. Some of those students are worshiping with us at our church and we are so happy to be a part of their spiritual lives.

This summer Campus Outreach kids from universities in Georgia and Alabama are here at beach project. We have the unique opportunity to "adopt" them for the summer. Below are our two summer children, Mary and John. They're just such sweet kids (actually they're grown ups, but.....) and so enthusiastic about sharing the gospel and learning more about what God would have them do with their lives.

Sunday, we had them over to eat, wash their clothes and relax after church and thoroughly enjoyed them! They ask lots of questions and really challenge us to think!!!

Businesses at the beach are always excited to see these kids come to town because they make good employees!

We have adopted students for several years now and it always ends up being a blessing to us as we watch them mature in their Christian walk.

If you ever have the opportunity to have campus outreach students (there are several different campus organizations on the different university campuses), go for it! It isn't hard. They are just so grateful for a homecooked meal and a place to relax. We even took our regular afternoon naps!

Thanks John and Mary for blessing us with your company and enthusiasm and providing us an opportunity to show Christ's love in our home.


Keetha Broyles said...

They sure look cute together - - - I don't see in your post if they are strangers, friends, dating, or married???? They sure LOOK like they belong together!!!

Mimi said...

God Bless you and God will reward you for your grace that you show to these young people!!!What a great work for our Savior they are doing, so many people out in this world are just wondering around lost, searching for something. If youw ere the one asking me what a Rhino is --I'll do my best to describe it!!!
it is made by Yamaha, I think they use them on the beaches, I'm pretty sure I saw them in Panama City last fall, they are 4 wheel drive off rode vehicles, we use ours to explore the beautiful desert southwest and the really fun rides are up north in the beautiful pine trees in the forests of Northern, Arizona!!!
I will have to snap a photo of the vehicle so you can see the entire thing!!!
Thanks for visiting my blog!!!

Dawn said...

I love seeing kids from secular universities who are so strong in their faith - it takes a special kid to go to a non-Christian college and grow and help others. In fact, they usually come out stronger than some of the kids who went to our church schools. They are such sharp looking "kids." Where do they live for the summer?

Tonja said...

What a kind thing for you to do! They will be as blessed by your friendship this summer as you are by theirs.

nancygrayce said...

Keetha, I'm pretty sure they are just friends....they go to different universities in Georgia. Also, Campus Outreach has really strict rules about dating. But who knows??? :)

nancygrayce said...

Jamie.....if you're ever back in Panama City, let me know!! We'll have to meet. Even though I've lived here all my life, I don't get to the beach much. Isn't that a shame!?

nancygrayce said...


They live in (old) beach hotels. Last year they didn't get to come because there just weren't places for them to stay. I actually think this place was going to be torn down to build a condo, but since none of the condos are selling, they had to rethink! These kids stay 4 or more to a room....they have one bathroom (which must be really hard for the girls!) and so when they go to homes, it is a time for real rest for them!

Sheryl said...

oh, i just love this! what a great thing you are doing and what a great thing they are doing.

the college age is one of my favorites. we sure can learn from their enthusiasm.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I just posted my last Disney post...Hope it will bring you a smile. I also have a new blog design.....

I am going right now and read your September blog.....

Mimi said...

I'm sure we will be back at Panama City Beach, my in-laws go for the entire month of Sept. every year!!!
Our daughter is a Manager at Epcot--Walt Disney World, so I'm in Florida at least 4 times a year, mostly though in Orlando!!! I miss her so much!!!
About the photo, those are the Indian villages at Montezuma Castle, they think they were built in like 1400's ??? I cannot believe they have survived that long, in the heat and the rain we get during monsoons. Hopefully we can meet face to face sometime, I love meeting new people!!!
Have a Blessed day,

Connie said...

Nancy...enjoyed catching up and what a nice way to share your home and your life. Hubby and I want to be more active in using our empty home for people like this. I should check out some options.

Loved seeing your office and your TJ Maxx find. I love TJM too. The story about your what a blessing no kids.

Have a good day. Connie

BECKY said...

Hi Nancy!! I'm so glad you found my blog!!

Thank you so much for your delightful hospitality the other day!! Your home and pool are lovely, and your friendly, welcoming personality and warm spirit made us feel like family members!! I'm sure these young people were blessed to stay with you as well!!

I'll be visiting often, and am so glad to have you as a new bloggy friend!!