Thursday, June 4, 2009

Show me where you live......Home Office

Kelly, over at Kelly's Korner started the Show Me Where You Live Friday and today is the office edition! Go over to see lots more home offices!

I didn't even try to put these pictures in order! So here goes.

This room actually used to be Matt's room.....when he comes home now he's a special guest. When I finally convinced Russell that Matt wouldn't be irreparably damaged if we took apart his room, we turned it into this office. I love this room. I wanted a yellow room with light furniture.

Russell loves the dark furniture, so this was going to be MY room! Not that it is all about me.

After just talking about liking light color furniture, let me show you our bookshelf. It was part of the office furniture we already had, so we kept it because I had looked in so many furniture and other stores and was tired of it all! Someday, I'll either paint it white or get another shelf. For now, it does the trick. The white picture frame holds pictures of my family....old pictures. I really like that.....actually the other frame does too! The little gold frame in the middle is Tommy as a baby.

O.K. when I saw Kelly's husband's desk, I was ashamed, but not enough to really dig through all this mess! Believe it or not I did straighten it a little. The deer watches over our bill paying. This is Russell's desk and computer, mine is in the living room. And that door??? The closet, where I shoved everything that was out on the floor, including my old computer, my mother's box of financial stuff and some camouflage things. I'm now afraid to open that door! As you can see, the desk is the other half of the original office furniture.

I absolutely love these pictures! These are our four boys at about the same ages. They were all toddlers around three years old. I framed these (very unprofessionally) one year for Christmas and they got the wall of honor in the office. If you click on them, you'll have to say awwww.

I searched and searched for a little corner table and found this one at the unfinished furniture store. We painted it white and I found another white frame and put pictures of Russell's family when they were all much younger! I love the old pictures.

This picture below hangs in the hallway leading into the office. There is a story to this one. When my sister was 9 years old, in 1958, she had a kidney disease and was confined at home in a hospital bed for about a year. She even had a homebound teacher, not to be confused with homeschooling. My older brother was 12, I was 5 and my younger sister was mother had her hands full!

I have an uncle who was friends with Walt Disney and told him about my sister and her illness. Walt Disney sent my sister a big, beautiful, framed, signed picture of Donald Duck riding a choo choo younger sister and I each got a drawing by one of his artists. Anyway, after years of being in my scrapbook (see the tape marks), I framed it and hung the picture.

We looked and looked for a couch since I wanted this to be not only an office, but a little sanctuary where I could sit and read while Russell worked. That's his fish (friends with his deer head) on the wall. I really like this couch and we got a great deal when we bought it AND it's comfortable and makes out into a bed. The green carpet was a little controversial when I first brought it home. Russell was aghast, but he quickly saw how it just tied the room together!

This needlepoint also hangs right outside the office door. Russell's aunt did all kinds of beautiful pieces. We got this one after she died.

Probably my favorite thing in this whole room is this little chest that doubles as a coffee table. This was originally Russell's toy box, and you know I'm crazy about all things family. I spent hours peeling stickers that had been on for years!! Then we painted it and it already looks distressed which is the look we were going for, so success! We also use it to store the sheets, blanket and pillows for the couch. The picture of Russell and I on this table was taken when we had been married only a short time......which is why we look so young!

Last, but certainly not least, is the television chest! Something else I spent several weeks searching for! I don't think we have a room in our house without a t.v. That's shameful. Anyhow, this worked out really well, with the bookshelf and the bottom that you can put junk great stuff in and close the doors! I should have removed the picture sitting on top, but it's one of the children at grad night at Disney and I like the picture.

Well, that's our home office! I can't wait to see everyone else's!


Newlywed Next Door said...

OMG you have a deer head - my husband would die for something like that! I told him that it didn't belong in So Cal -- so now we wants to mount a big fish on the wall, lol!

Tonja said...

I loved seeing your room! The yellow is so pretty! And those boys...AWWWWWWW!

Cathy said...

Actually, I don't think the Donald Duck celuloid was framed when we got it. It did have a mat that Walt Disney signed, but I think Daddy had it framed or Guy Leese(sp) might have done it. I really can't remember since it was 52 years ago!! I have always loved that room in your house!

Kimberly said...