Saturday, June 6, 2009

A wonderful find and other ramblings.....

You know how sometimes you just walk up on something in a store? You weren't looking for it, but you knew when you saw it, it needed to be in your home??? Well, the picture below, which is much prettier in person, was just such a find!

When Russell and I got engaged and were planning our wedding, I bought his wedding ring and had it engraved.......AML/AML.....All My Love, All My Life. It is very special to me and I end most notes to him with those letters. WELL! The other day I was in T.J. M*xx (don't you just love T.J.???) and walking through, just ambling really, I looked over and there it was! Beautifully framed and the exact same wording. AND $7.99....again, I say, don't you just love T.J.??? Of course, I scooped it up and hung it above Russell's chest of drawers. I think even he was happily surprised when he first saw it.

Like I said, it is much prettier in real curtains were reflecting in the glass. But you can get the general idea. I'm really excited I found this picture!

And as most of my life stories go, there's another little story on that chest of drawers. I love family pictures and you will find them everywhere in my home. If I could, I would wallpaper my walls with pictures. I like to look at them and the memories they bring back are sweet and bittersweet.

In the frame that is second from the left, you will see our 4 boys. Although this picture is very old, it is one of the few really good pictures of all four boys. You may also notice that a figure has been cut out right smack dab in the middle.

The man child that is second from the right in the picture is my youngest birth child and our second child in birth order....if that makes sense to you I'm glad. Anyhow! When he was 19, in spite of everything I could do to prevent it.....and believe me I tried, David married his 16 year old girlfriend. In fact they married at the Eagle Hardware store. I'm thankful they didn't invite me....really I am. After a month or so of playing house and neither one having a job....they separated and David moved back home with us.

***NOTE***If it seems that I took this lightly, please know that many a tear was shed and many prayers were prayed....I just find that after 13 years, I can now laugh instead of going to the asylum!

To continue with this fascinating story, I played lawyer, bought the "self divorce" papers and we were to meet at the Eagle Coin Laundry (true story) for them to both sign in front of the same notary that married them. Yes, I felt like I was in a very bad movie or maybe a nightmare. Before I could get out of the car, they had reconciled. Even though I cried and begged and threatened, I eventually got back in my car and drove home crying so hard I could barely see. Needless to say, even if I ever had the desire to, I was probably banned from the coin laundry. Enough about that!

Maybe a month later, David's dad called to say he had gone to get David. This time, I was taking no chances......I met ALONE with the wife at........yes, the Eagle Convenience Store. She just had to sign one piece of paper. I prayed for my mouth to stay shut and thankfully the Lord helped me! We got the papers signed and the children divorced.

The Eagle Hardware Store, The Eagle Coin Laundry and the Eagle Convenience store were lined up in a row.....the same notary saw us every time. Those stores are now all closed. I wonder if.....NAH!

HOWEVER, since they were married over the Christmas season, she was in every picture....which is o.k., she IS part of his history.....but I wanted a picture with all the boys, hence the artfully done photo.

Aren't memories fun?? I am ever thankful for my God who remembers "that we are but dust" and when we grieve Him, He is quick to forgive!


Tonja said...

What a story! Oh how foolish they can be...but they have to find it out themselves, don't they? I just left funny story on Living the Life (Teresa's) blog. Her post about motorcycles. I saw you had already been there. Go back and read my story.

Loved the sign by the way...I saw it at my TJM, too. My Pop has always said that to my mom!

Dawn said...

Oh, my goodness. Did her parents sign for her?? I had to enlarge the picture and see the cut out. What a hoot!

Love the picture - I need to go in there more often, but it's a fur piece down the road, and I don't drive very far to shop if I can help it.

Cathy said...

You do know that nowadays they have those fancy things that can fix know like take people out or put people in....of course, I would have no idea how it would work, but maybe Matt could! I loved the alm/aml picture.

nancygrayce said...

I wouldn't fix it if I could! It's a good reminder for him that mother knows best!

Yes, Dawn, her mother signed....I think she thought she was getting rid of her daughter! I begged the mother not to sign. Nobody ever listens to me!

Cathy said...

I do!!

Jess said...

Good story thats for sure! LOL

Happy Sunday

Have a great week

Love, jess

Mimi said...

My name is Jamie--AKA MIMI,
I live in Arizona, I found your blog off of Kelly's rooms on Fridays!!!
I just visited Panama City, Florida for the 1 st time last Sept. Loved the beautiful blue water and of course the white sand beach!! This year we are trying Sarasota, Florida!! I love the gulf coast!!!
Loved the story of your son and his short lived marriage. My son is dating a young lady now, his first real girlfriend, only he is 23!!! But age doesn't matter!!!!
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have a Blessed day,