Sunday, September 23, 2007

God is SO good!

Even though we didn't go to the mountains, we had a wonderful weekend with Matt being home and spending time with Russell's dad. Papa was feeling pretty good all weekend and we all ate together at our house Friday nite, went out to eat all together Saturday nite and met for lunch after church today to eat again before Matt headed back to college. We have often talked within our family about the fact that noone on this earth knows the day or time of our death. Only God holds that information and we aren't going until He says so! So our hearts have been lifted by this good weekend. Our gratitude to our Lord is great and we pray that through this entire experience, we will all glorify God and be faithful to trust Him!

It is always a great day when I talk to the grandchildren. I try to talk to them every Sunday, but the last two Sundays haven't been able to get them. So I was excited today when Ashley answered the phone. She was excitedly telling me all about things going on at school. She will try out for the soccer team next week and she was very excited because they may be getting an exchange student from Italy for two weeks. What fun! I didn't get to talk to Adam because he was out in the neighborhood playing. Paul and I talked for a minute and all seemed well.

After all that, with a full belly (which I know is bad,bad,bad!!!) I took a nap. There is just something about that Sunday afternoon nap. But tomorrow I am starting exercise and I really mean it this time! :)


Dawn said...

I just read your previous post as well and am with you on the tattoo thing, though I'm afraid I still don't have a sense of humor about it. My returned prodigal has so many, and some are pretty yucky. It has caused him some trouble already, now that he's trying to get serious about his career possibilities. I guess he can wear long sleeves and high collars the rest of his life!

Your bargain sandals are exactly like the ones I walked out of on my way down from playing the organ, walked right out of, and landed on the floor in the middle of Sunday morning service. I can't seem to negotiate that kind! I blogged about it, but can't remember when.

Tonja said...

Glad your weekend was enjoyable. So nice you were able to spend some quality time together. And happy you finally got that nap!