Thursday, September 20, 2007

Of busy days

My grandson took this picture without me knowing. He wanted "proof" that his Nana really does mow the grass! I love that fall is in the air, because this morning I am going to get out there and mow hoping that this is one of the last times for the summer.....oh, dream on, baby!

Sometimes I do the yard so fast that I'm running behind the lawnmower, oh, that was before it slowed down due to being old and needing some kind of vitamin treatment or maybe just an old lawn mower's home! But thrifty husband says he can fix it.....o.k.? So......???? Anyway, he's busy.

In our Thursday morning Bible study, we are doing R.C. Sproul's book, "Now That's a Good Question!" I like it except that he doesn't put scripture references enough for me.....he just answers questions he has been asked over the years. Boy that makes me have to dig and study. So, I guess I'll run if the lawn is to see me before I go for the day!

Get outside in this cool air, this is Florida, tomorrow may be hot again!!!


Dawn said...

Great shot! It was 49 this morning before work, and is supposed to go up to 88 today. Crazy Colorado!

VAIL said...

I wouldn't know how to start our lawnmower if my life depended on it! Props to you!

staringintotheabyss said...

I'm getting to see a side of you I NEVER even imagined existed!! I love you, Mom.