Friday, September 14, 2007

It was a lovely party

It was a lovely party! As I've stated before, if you want to do something for someone in a retirement center, do it at lunch. They just love for their friends to share in their experiences! Three of her six children were there along with a son in law and a daughter in law. We had cake and shared it with all those in the dining room..

All was going well until mama's dear friend was coming over to our table and fell! I wasn't sure what was happening but my brothers and husband jumped up and started trying to help her up. A nurse came and took her to her room to evaluate her and she's o.k. thank goodness. I took her a piece of cake later and she said she sure was glad she didn't break anything because this was beauty parlor day....they will go get that hair done if they have to drag themselves.

Starting Monday, mama will start having a private sitter with her for a few hours each day. She isn't so happy about that, but it is the only way she can stay. If for no other reason, girls, keep exercising! One day in the far, far away future, we'll be old. :)

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