Monday, September 10, 2007

Pray for This Family

The following is an excerpt for the Wilhoite Pray Blog, written by Amy's husband.

My dear beloved Amy has gone home to meet her Lord. Shortly after 4:00 PM on this, September 10th, 2007, she took her last sweet breath. Moments before, she leaned up to me, and with much effort, told me she loved me - and gave me a kiss through her oxygen mask.

My heart is heavy for this young family. The grace and faith shown by them all has been a true picture of Christ. I don't know the family except from the Blog world, but I have been praying for Amy, Brandon and Gary. May God's everlastiing arms hold you and comfort you in this sad time. Amy is well now, healed by our savior.

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Ang baylis said...

I didn't know her or her story before you just mentioned it, but I will pray for them!

You are right, she is well now and in His arms!
Angie xoxo