Friday, September 28, 2007


This was the week that was! Anybody remember that line from laugh in?? I loved that show. It's been a week of going going going, never slowing. Our son and his wife are here for the weekend and it is so good to see them! I love the above picture of the two of them. They brought their little dog Roscoe to play with Jack and Mikey. All the grandchildren are coming weekends when they can to see their Papa while he's doing well. We all ate supper there tonight and he had a not so good day, but perked up the longer we were there. Besides our kids, another grandson is here for the weekend. Wonderful supper and visit.

Roscoe! He loves to visit his uncles Jack and Mikey.

Well, this old girl has got to go to bed! Long week, long day! Good weekend to all and to all a goodnight! :)

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