Saturday, September 29, 2007

Simply Saturday

For some reason, Friday nite and Saturday are two of my favorite days....I think I envision rest...although that rarely is what happens. It was a good day. Russell took Tommy up to the woods to play, I mean, put out corn for their deer feeders. Claudia and I and Carol went to Tom's Hotdogs (a must if you visit Panama City)....we had our usual, chili pie and diet pepsi. After our tummy's were full, we took off to Sam's club to get some must have stuff for supper tonight. Russell parent's came for supper. Russell, my angel husband, cooked his world famous Baked Ziti. We had that, salad, asparagus and bread....pound cake and ice cream for desert. Enjoyed by all. Then it was on to the important stuff FLORIDA is almost over but it is very tense.

Tomorrow will be another wonderful time of worship and praise of our Lord. A time to join together with the body of Christ and honor and worship him. An Audience of One. I do hope you all have a wonderful Lord's day.

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