Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday, A day of rest, sometimes

I love Sundays. We have a wonderful church family and I just love to worship with them. Today, we had an old fashioned dinner on the grounds in the air conditioned social hall after our morning service. We had a great service, really great lunch, of course I couldn't eat much because I'm getting ready to have a medical test, but it all LOOKED great! Then I ran over to Sam's club and got some stuff mama needed and went to the retirement center. Got there, picked up a little, emptied garbage, then thought and that is so dangerous that thinking thing, that I could sit with her a few minutes and just visit. My tired body was straining toward home and my bed for a long afternoon nap, when mama says sweetly, oh, by the way, I need Tylenol. Now, I try to be very patient with my mama, I know she put up with a lot from me as a teenager, so I say in my I'm not really upset but I really need a nap voice, do you have enough for tomorrow. No, I only have enough for tonight and I need them first thing in the morning. My mind was searching for any answer other than driving back to Sam's club then back to mama's BEFORE I could go home, take off my clothes and get into something know napping clothing. But, that was just not to be. So, as I'm driving back to Sam's I'm telling my self how many times mama must have had to run back to some store or another to get something we told her we needed at the last minute. Oh, wait, we only had one car, daddy drove it to work, so we just had to wait, and probably until payday. Then I remember that it is Sunday and I really am grateful that I have a mama to take care of, so with shame covering me I went into Sam's again and got the Tylenol. Drove back to mama's, opened the Tylenol, put it in the bathroom, kissed mama's cheek and took off in the direction of my BED!

I get home, I take my clothes off, the doorbell rings.....this is not a good thing I assure you. I slap on some clothes, go to the door with my dogs yapping all the way, open the door to my little neighbor boy. He looks at me with his angelic smile and his arm in a cast so I should feel sorry for him, says Miss Nancy could I play with the dogs. I said, not today, taking a nap today, don't come back today, I'M TAKING A NAP IF IT KILLS ME!

Finally, with a sigh of relief, I get in the bed, get my doggies snuggled up, lay awake for a while and just as I was going to that place where you are almost asleep, husband comes in and says we need to get ready for church. I don't think I should repeat here what I said, and yes, I asked the Lord to forgive me, got up, got dressed and went to church which I thoroughly enjoyed!


dcrmom said...

Oh I **live** for the Sunday afternoon nap.

Tonja said...

Yep! That's just the way it always happens. Doesn't it sometimes seem as if our lives are not our own?

nancygrayce said...

YES!!!! And I thought when all the kids were out of the house, things would be restful and easy...I'd be laying out by the pool....I've been in the pool a grand total of 3 times this summer. So much for slowing down,although I'm grateful I don't HAVE to slow down.

Dawn said...

Hey, thanks for joining in on Kristen's name contest. Should be fun!

I'm glad to hear someone else who has Sunday night church - not too many do any more, it seems.

Come over and check out my neighborhood!