Thursday, July 2, 2009

A trip to the beach.

Have we been home less than a week????? This is a really busy and fun week!!! Did I mention that my grandchildren are not only beautiful, but they're really smart too??? Do I sound like a grandmother. But seriously, when you don't see them that often, it's such a treat and you just have to breathe them in and you notice every little thing about them. I wish you all could meet them in person. But I'll be doing good if all my family gets to see them! I have a big family.

O.K. one last entry about the beach. Only because these pictures are so good.

This bird is used to fishermen AND stealing their fish! He's awfully good at getting the fish before the fisherman does! He stayed around for a couple of days while the guys were surf fishing.

We had some wonderful moments at the beach. Little bits of Florida life that we natives used to know so well. Not so much anymore. Greed took over and this is one of the few beaches left with low density. Nice!

Oh, here's one of the above mentioned grandchildren now! I have no idea why we didn't have our bathing suits on. Ashley was in the water most of the time. We were just relaxing for a few moments here.

Adam isn't particularly fond of having his picture taken, but I was somewhat sneaky determined to get some of him in the Gulf.
I think this one was on his 13th birthday.

Niece Sarah had this nice tube that they loved floating in.....and sitting on the beach in apparently.

I took this picture right as the sun was going down. Ashley had been digging in the sand. You just never get too old for sand castles!

This is the house we vacationed in, beautiful!

Body surfing. This is about as much surf as we had the entire week. It was a good thing though as I didn't have to worry about the undertow. It can be vicious!

Adam loves working on the pool. He wasn't being forced into child labor, I promise!

Ashley on the balcony. I wanted so to have some pictures of the grandchildren in the sunset. Unfortunately, the sun set way to the right of the house. We could have gone to the other side of the Island, let's just say that never happened.

I was so glad they were able to spend a few days with us at the beach. They live near the beach in California, but you know there are just no beaches like Florida beaches!


Kee said...

So glad you all had such a great time. Which beach were you at? I have so many memories of pensecola beaches as a child, although some of them are of very bad sunburns :)

Hope you have a great weekend.

Mimi said...

Hi Nancy!!!
Oh SO TRUE about Florida Beaches!! I live in AZ, and we travel every year to either the Atlantic ocean or the Gulf, I prefer the white sand beaches and beautiful aqua water of the gulf!!!Although Gulf shores, Alabama wasn't all that aqua!!!I think Panama City Beach was so pretty, I've been to Clearwater Beach, water not that clear!! Going to Sarasota,(siesta Key) this year!!!
So I'll let you know which is my favorite, we love Hilton Head, Myrtle Beach was fun fun fun!!
Enjoy the grandkids, sad they live in Calif.!!!! Oh my.....

Dawn said...

Such a good time you had - and are still having, I am sure. Your grandkids will have so much to share with their friends, who I am certain will be very envious!

I am so glad you have a good relationship with their mom!

I wonder what it would be like to not see the kids almost every day. But even then, I am watching them change.