Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, brother!

Every July 30th, my brother has a birthday. If you'll recall, he was my birthday present one year.
My 8th birthday to be exact, which means that this will be his 49th birthday!!! :) Oh, brother, you're getting old!

Here he is with his birthday cake and the caboose in the background! It looks like there are 9 candles on his cake, so that was 40 years ago! Time surely passes much more quickly than we want it to.Forty years and a few good meals later, here he is, the Birthday Boy!!!

Happy Birthday brother, have a great day!


Tonja said...

Happy Birthday, Brother! Have a wonderful coming year!
Personally, I think having Nancy for a sister is gift enough!

nancygrayce said...

AWW, thanks Tonja! He may not agree...:)

Cathy said...

Wasn't that sweet!! Happy Birthday Mike!!!

Dawn said...

You're so good at acknowledging your siblings' birthdays - and so many others. I can't ever remember my SIL's dates, or the nieces and nephews. I'm so bad. But what a nice b-day present you had that year!

Donnetta said...

Happy Birthday to your brother!

Mimi said...

I was 6 when my brother came along, as a child aI thought my brother was a little terror!! My sisters and I even made up a song about him when young and to this day, I still remember it and the tune is so unique and us girls!!! We own it!!!!
I love little brothers now, he is great, my 2 daughters have a wonderful relationship with there little bro, both idolize him!!! And I think he is proud of them as well!!!!
Happy Birthday Brother!!!!

debbie said...

Dear Nancy,
I am new to your blog and came to you via Jamie's blog.(MIMI)
Happy Birthday to your brother....I have 2 children....My daughter is 33 and my son is 26.
When they were taking me for my c-section...My daughter kept saying...."they are taking mother to surgery to get my baby sister"......woops...imagine...she was blessed with a baby brother.
She had been an only child for just shy of 7 years and she was use to getting what she wanted......she kinda tolerated him...he adored and idolized they are very best friends.....she wasn't real happy when he got married...she thought it might affect her and her brothers relationship but he loves his sister too deeply.
I can remember being so tickled and joyous when my baby brother was born......I loved him so very sister and I, although we are 2 years a part we are like twins.
I joined your blog. I enjoyed my visit here and I l♥ve that you l♥ve JESUS!!!!!!!!
I hope you will drop by and see me and join my blog.
Angel Hugs