Friday, July 10, 2009

Visit with a sweet girl and random stuff

It takes forever to finish a post these days! AND I actually should be cleaning house right now, but, oh well! Somebody has to write this!

This is one of my favorite pictures of Katie and Anna Cross! How precious to see a new mother kissing her baby's head and looking lovingly down.

Thankfully, Beau got to be with Katie for Anna Cross's birthday! Aren't they a sweet couple?

Grady was so happy to have his little cousin stay with him a few days! He has the happiest smile!

You didn't think I was leaving my granddaughter out of this post did you??? Ashley traveled with us to visit with Grady and Anna Cross. She just has a way with children and Grady loved playing with her.

Oh, here they are again!

Anna Cross is so peaceful and laid back! We were all being real noisy, but she just slept away.

Grady's mom and dad, Mikey and Mary Grace graciously opened their home for Katie to stay while Beau was deployed. It will be so quiet around there now! Thanks for having us visit too!

Does anybody know how difficult it is to get a picture everybody is happy with??? Mary Grace, I apologize that your face is half covered up, but this is the only one that Anna Cross wasn't cut out of, so who was taking the picture???

Finally, Ashley got to hold Anna Cross. Katie just let all of us hold her and didn't seem nervous about it at all. Her hands are clenched together, I just noticed that!

Obviously, we took lots of pictures. From left friend Carol, me, my sister Cathy and sitting is Ashley holding Anna Cross.

We left grandson Adam with his grandpa for the day, as he probably wouldn't have been as thrilled with a newborn and an almost 7 month old!

The days have flown by and tonight we'll be trying to pack the kids up to go home tomorrow. I can hardly believe a month has flown gone by! I always get a bit nervous on the day they arrive and the day they fly away home! I'm not a seasoned flyer so I'm always afraid something will go wrong. They don't worry about it at all! They just laugh and remind me of how they know what to do.

After tomorrow, I plan to visit everyone and see what's been going on in your neck of the blog!


Needled Mom said...

What a delightful post! That little Grady looks like the Ger*ber baby and Anna Cross is so precious. It looks as though everyone enjoys the little ones.

I know that your house will seem really quiet after the kids leave. I am sure memories have been made that will forever be cherished.

Mimi said...

Oh my that precious baby Anna Cross is so sweet and I loved all the pics of the family. You are so lucky to have a large family who lives near. How much longer with the Grandkids??? I know you are going to miss them so much.
Hugs to all of you,

Dawn said...

Wow, how can it be a month already??

What adorable little babies!

Donnetta said...

It looks like everyone is having such a great time connecting and enjoying the presence of each other. Sweet babies...