Sunday, July 26, 2009

Random Miracles

It's been a week of miracles around here. Russell's great Uncle Hugh has had an abdominal aneurysm for several years. Recently, it has grown larger and was becoming dangerous. Doctors had explained to him that when it blew, he would die. Just like that. There is a procedure that can be done through the groin to repair the aneurysm, but his was considered too large to use that procedure. However, because of some recent discoveries (o.k. I'm not sure what they are), he had surgery Wednesday and went home Friday! We are giving the glory to God!

Uncle Hugh spent one night in ICU, just because that's what you do with that surgery, moved to step down Thursday and home Friday. Did I mention he's 91? Amazing grace!

Tonight I went by to see him and he answered the door and was up and walking around.

Tonight was also the first time in a long time that I wished for a better camera than my little point and shoot. Leaving Uncle Hugh's house, you drive right by the bay. There was a fingernail, also called crescent, moon tonight and it was huge, yellow and hanging low over the horizon. I'm talking about a gorgeous sight. I knew I might as well not try to get a picture because it wouldn't do that moon justice!

It was something like this image, except facing the other direction and the lights across the bay dancing down below. Breathtaking.

In other news of great interest, Russell left today driving the motorhome to Texas to have it repaired. They're repairing the same thing they repaired last year. Iwould have gone, but there's just too much going on this week and sitting in a waiting room ALLLLL day with two dogs just isn't that appealing. Once you've done it, you really are able to skip that experience the second time! He should get to Texas tomorrow, have the motorhome worked on Monday and hopefully start home Tuesday.


Mimi said...

I can picture the moon over the bay the one by Destin???
I loved Panama City Beach!!!
I'm still working all the new stuff out on my new camera, it's hard to figure out!!!!
amazing miracle and he is 91, that's GREAT!!!!

Dawn said...

That seems like an awful trip to get something repaired! What if it was something that caused the rig to not be driveable? I remember last year's "adventure" and I don't blame you for staying home!

I wish I could have seen that picture of the moon and the water.

Praise God for still doing miracles!

Kee said...

Nancy, yes God still performs miracles, isn't it great to be a part and to see Him in action.

Sheryl said...

i can't believe it's been a year ago since that trip to have the motorhome repaired. i also can't believe that i remember it!!

amazing how God took care of uncle hugh. don't know why that amazes me - God is still very much in the business of doing miracles!

hope you have a great couple days until russell gets home.

Tonja said...

Great news about Uncle Hugh! Isn't it amazing what medicine can do these days? I hope this gives him relief and added spunk to his life.

Beautiful moon, too!