Sunday, July 26, 2009

Thanks for the Memories!

Today was the last day we had Campus Outreach students at church. John and Mary , our adopted children, came over for lunch, washed their clothes and we watched a movie. I made cookies for them and to send with Matt, then sadly, we said goodbye! They will be traveling back home to get ready for the next school year. They will only know in heaven how many lives they affected for Christ, but I'll tell they made a huge impact on our lives.

We have enjoyed having them with us so much and it was very sad to say goodbye. We hugged a lot, exchanged addresses and email addresses, hugged some more before they drove away. We may never see them again in this life, but we have certainly been blessed by having them in our home!

Then, Matt left! He was home for the weekend between pharmacy rotations. He's on his way now to Pensacola to do another rotation for 4 weeks and will live with my sister and her husband while he's there. Thank goodness for family! I have a huge thank you for Cathy and Dick for letting him stay with them. He feels right at home there.

With Russell in Texas, it is suddenly so quiet here. I believe I'll have to take a nap. :)

Have a great Sunday afternoon.


Cathy said...

We are so happy to have Matt here with us. He fits right in with this crazy bunch and I won't say here how crazy it was tonight!!
I will send you the bill for the new TV we will have to get, because Matt's is so much better than ours. Dick and Dickie were in there with him forever watching it. Technology is amazing and we are all in the last century. Matt is going to help us catch up!!

Mimi said...

PLease take a nap for me!!!
I'm so tired and now it's Monday!! I only work from home, but baby duty is getting rough now that she is really mobile!!! I'm sure the Campus for Christ kids loved being there!!!
Is your son a PhARMACISt or a student of Pharmacy???Just wondering???


I did have a great Sunday and Sunday afternoon and night, I also took a nap, oh so refreshing! Isn't God GREAT!

nancygrayce said...

Hey Mimi, He's a pharmacy student in his last year. So he does rotations at different pharmacies, then goes back to finish his course work and graduates next May!!! Yay!!!

Dawn said...

A nap sounds so grand - no such luck here. It is always so hard to say good-bye to those who have had such an impact on our lives, knowing we'll probably never meet again in this life. I hope they keep in touch.

Needled Mom said...

It sounds like it was a wonderful experience, but I can imagine how quiet it must now seem. A good nap does sound like fun.

Too word verification is "resti" so guess that nap is a go.

Sharon said...

Good for Matt sounds like all is going great for him, Praise God!, it's also so great to have friends and family to help along the way.

Nappp ohhhh that sounds good, I would love one of those right about now.
Have a beautiful day :)

Tonja said...

I know it has been a pleasure to have the kids there for the summer. I'm sure they have done work with eternal rewards. Enjoy your peace and quiet!