Monday, July 20, 2009

Two Weddings and a Baby Shower for Two.

Due to operator error technical difficulties, the baby shower will have to wait to be posted! But the two weddings we'll talk about, in reverse order.....due to the same problem. :)

Saturday was a very busy day around our house...well, actually out of our house! We had two weddings to attend...both very important to us. Thankfully, one was at 2 and one at 5 so we were able to make both!

Below is actually the second wedding. My nephew Andy married Wyndi. What a sweet service they had. The wedding was beautiful and the reception was fun....but as I've been doing lately, I'll tell the story with pictures. They are NOT in the right order, but here we go.

Towards the end of the evening, Russell and I walked down to watch the little kids on the beach and grabbed the moment to get one of us.

The groom's sister and her husband. They have four beautiful daughters, but I never saw them all in one place!
My sister, Cathy with our cousin, Claire.

I did mention these pictures were out of order, so here comes the bride and groom to the reception. One of our sons and his wife had their reception here so it was a little jog down memory lane.

Cousins, Matt, our youngest and Ty.

Baby brother Steve and sister in law Monica with their girls, Bella and Tori. Maybe I should mention at this point that I have a huge family! Between the six children, their spouses, the grandchildren, their spouses and all the great grandchildren, you are always assured of a good crowd for any occasion! If you need a big crowd, just call!

Russell's mom and Matt.

Dancing brothers! A fun moment on the dance floor between older brother, Don and the groom, Andy.

My nephew, Mike dancing with his daughter......that was a really sweet moment!

My brother, Michael, his future daughter in law Kayla, his son Chris and my sister in law Pam.

My nephew Don, his wife Kathleen and their sons Josh and Ty.

The father of the groom, also my brother, Tommy with his new grandson, Jake.

This is a great shot of my sisters hair! She walked in front of my camera just as I snapped the picture....who knows what was behind that head!?

My sister, Debbie, her son Joshua and my brother in law Mike.
Sisters! Niece Jenny with her sister Kerri and great niece, Abby.

The dance.

Mother/son dance. This brought tears to several eyes!

The mother and father of the groom, my sister in law, Lois and brother Tommy. It was hot at the reception and coats came off, shirttails came out, it was HOT.
The mafia My brother and nephew Mike with another of the groomsmen and a good friend, Ron.
Sisters! Debbie, Nancy and Cathy.

And as my grandmother often used to say, the great battle ended and the sun went down! We had to leave the festivities and go home to bed!

God bless this new family!

This is the first wedding of our day, our pastor's daughter and her new husband. The ceremony was just beautiful in every way. After the last wedding performed for a child, our pastor said he just couldn't do it again! Way too emotional! Two pastors did the main part of the wedding and then the bride's daddy, our pastor, pronounced them man and wife.

We missed the reception because we had to make a mad dash to the next wedding, so I stole borrowed this picture from the sister of the bride's face book!

What a great day for weddings! We so enjoyed watching these families unite!

May God richly bless them all!!

Stay tuned for the baby shower!


Mimi said...

Hi Nancy!!!
I finally get to see a reallu close up photo of you!!! I think your little grand-daughter the one that just left, her name has slipped my late night memory, but she looks like you in alot of ways.I loved the bride's dress it was simple yet elegant, those kind I love.The 2 brother's dancing was a hoot!!! And to call the boys Mafia!! Now that was funny too, my husband's family is huge too and I love getting us all together it is always a fun time!!!
I love weddings and baby showers!!!
Love and Marriage...

Keetha Broyles said...

Nancygrayce - - you look HOT in that beach picture, and I don't mean temperature either!!!

nancygrayce said...

Keetha, you are hilarious! I cracked up at your comment! I was hot alright, sweating though, not smoking! :)

Donnetta said...

Sounds like a busy but beautiful and memory filled weekend.

Tonja said...

Nancy, you have such a beautiful family. Young and old alike. And, judging from the weddings and the showers...y'all seem to have a great time whenever you are all together. What a blessing that is! Loved looking at all the pics.