Tuesday, July 21, 2009

On to the baby shower for two!

So, Saturday there were two weddings and Sunday there was a baby shower for two! Babies that is. Our dear friends, I consider them family, are expecting twins! This has been a season of babies for this sweet family. Little Grady is 6 months, Anna Cross is 2 weeks and a few days and babies A & B are due in November!

Brian and Robin weren't revealing the sexes until the shower. Don't worry y'all, that isn't mine to tell so I won't be revealing it here today! Brian had decided on a unique way to reveal by having a cake baked that would that would have the color of each sex (pink or blue) on the INSIDE of the cake. We were all waiting patiently for the cutting of the cake.....but when he cut into it, it was just a white cake inside! BOO....the cake maker made a mistake.

At that point, Brian revealed it in another unique way! I'm sure Robin will tell you all soon! We were all so excited!

Here are mama and daddy getting ready to cut the cake!

Opening presents!

Cousin Grady and his mama, Brian's sister, Mary Grace.

Me holding Grady. Is he handsome or what???

My DH holding Grady. By the way, Russell is a baby magnet, they all love him!

Mary Grace and Mikey, otherwise known as Grady's parents.

Grandparents, Charlotte and Tony.

Me with another sister, Emily, who will be married to Jeff (red shirt) in December and Mary Grace. Notice Grady in Auntie Emily's lap drinking her water! It was a warm day and he was thirsty.

Brian and Robin, mama and daddy, mingling with their guests.

Another friend, Carol with Emily and Jeff, who had come in from Austin to be here for the shower.

A great baby shower and we are so honored to have been included! All these babies will be loved by so many!

After the shower, we got home in time to make it to evening church, and so ended the day worshiping. A good day and a very busy weekend. Lots of love going on.


Mimi said...

WOW !!!! What a fun busy week-end you had, now I'm dying to know the sex of those twins coming along!!! My niece has a boy and girl twin,so fun and my good friend has a boy and girl set, I think that is the best combo for twins, no competition!!!!

Dawn said...

What a fun bunch of events! More twins - what a blessing!

Kee said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. A family full of babies to enjoy, spoil and send back home sounds awesome! :)

Dawn said...

My camera is a Kodak EasyShare M883, with 9 megapixels. I really like it except it's not fast enough to capture everything I want to with the kids.

Tacky is exactly the word I would use!

Jess said...

Looks like you had a great time!

Have a great week
Love, Jess

Just a little something from Judy said...

I discovered your blog for the first time through another blog that I visit, and I liked your comments on it. I am so grateful that I found this blog. I think we have many things in common from reading down through your posts. Our oldest daughter and her husband are expecting twins in October. I was wondering what you found out at the baby shower regarding the sex of the babies? I will be back to visit this blog again. Thank you for sharing so many beautiful pictures.

Needled Mom said...

It looks like it was a fun shower -- for two!!!!

It was such a cute idea to have the cake reveal the sexes. Too bad it didn't work out that way.

The Hatcher's said...

Thanks for that post! It is so fun reliving the shower! I am glad that you were able to make it, and that you enjoyed spending time with us. After last weekend you might need some rest!