Friday, July 24, 2009

Show Us Where You Live......My Wedding Dress.

Over at Kelly's Corner, she's doing Show Me Where You Live Friday featuring wedding dresses. Russell and I got married November 4, 1995, it was one of the happiest days of my life. We both grew up in the church we were married in, but didn't know each other well. In another post wayyyyy back, I told the story of how we met.....but since I am basically lazy and didn't want to look for that post, I'll briefly tell you again, since I know you're waiting breathlessly to hear.

We believe with all our hearts that God providentially brought us together. We ran into each other at a local walking track at a time of day and year that Russell wouldn't normally be walking. We had both been divorced about the same time, but didn't know it then. I casually introduced myself and we (including the friend I was walking with) walked the rest of the track together. We were parked at different sides of the track, so when he started to go to his car, I shamelessly made sure he knew my last name and not just my maiden name. Two weeks later, he called and asked me to a movie and two and a half years later, we were married.

I wanted a really simple dress and a small wedding, but with my family, small isn't an option. Our wedding was a simple and beautiful service.

I found my dress in Pensacola, where one of my sisters lives. It wasn't expensive at all but it was exactly what I had in mind. It was a simple sheath dress with a tuxedo like jacket in an off white color. Scanning the pictures in, I noticed we were both much thinner that day....hmmmmmmm wonder what happened? Oh,'s my dress.

This first picture is obviously us at the alter. It was right after the wedding and we were both so relieved and happy. Relieved because neither of us like to stand in front of a crowd, especially Russell.
This picture is us practically running back down the aisle after we were married. Click on it if you can and see the happy smiles on our faces.

During the almost 14 years since that day, we have grown closer as a couple. The two flesh become one principle! :)

Russell has been such a blessing in my life. He has brought calmness to me and I think I have brought more humor to him......probably because he laughs at me a lot!

Six months after we were married, almost to the day, my daddy died. Daddy loved Russell and was so relieved happy to see me happy and cared for.

Thanks, Kelly, for providing this opportunity to not only show my wedding dress, but to remember that very special day in my life!


Cathy said...

Ya'll were beautiful then and now!!

Nicole said...

What wonderful and beautiful pictures!!!

Mimi said...

Oh Nancy that is just such a sweet story, we are never to old to find true love and happiness, so whether it comes early in life or later, LOve is good for the soul!!!!
loved your dress!!!

nancygrayce said...

Thanks all.....Nicole....since your blog has gone private I can't go there.....if it's o.k. include me so I can visit!

nancygrayce said...

Thanks Cathy! She's my sister, she is required to think I'm beautiful! :)

Just a little something from Judy said...

So thankful I stopped by today. Your story is so special and a beautiful love story. I can imagine how happy your dad was to have someone like Russel in your life. You two are a good looking couple. I wish you many more years together.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I loved all your wedding of my favorite things to look at are wedding pictures...and your dress was gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. I am drawing for two giveaways on hope you will stop by.

Kee said...

Oh you looked and still are so beautiful.

sue said...

You mention the smiling faces. But he looks like he is strutting down the aisle. So proud! Like all his prayers have been answered.

Connie said...

What a great story and cute photo!