Saturday, November 14, 2009

How blessed we are!

Seventeen and a half years ago, when this sweet girl was born, I thought my heart would burst with love!  Having had boys, I really never expected a girl....and what a girl!  She is everything a grandmother would desire!  She's beautiful outside and more importantly inside!

Ashley has been such a light in our lives and we are so thankful to be a part of hers!  My constant prayer is that she use her multiple talents to the glory of God!

Four year later, here comes Adam!  The happiest, sweetest baby you would ever want to meet!  He was born smiling and laughing!  He does have a little bit of a temper, but he's learned how to control it over the years!  I'm sure God has something special in mind for Adam!

He has an incredible insight into people and situations and can fix anything!
He's helpful at home and I love him to the moon and back! He loves anything reptile! 

I am fortunate enough to have many bonus children and grandchildren in my life!  This is Angelina, the half sister of Ashley and Adam.  Can't you just look at her and see how she could be a bit mischievous?

Before she was born, Ashley asked me in one of our rare "just the two of us" moments if I would be her baby sister's Nana too.  I answered of course!  Ashley's answer melted my heart....... Nana, I knew you would say that!  She has a Nana, so she calls me Nana Nancy.

Another bonus is Zoe, their step sister.  She's a sweet and precocious little girl!

Frank, the son we sponsor in Uganda


We're getting a new grandchild!  We're so excited!  Tommy and Claudia are having a baby!  This sweet child is due right in between Ashley and Adam's birthdays!  Maybe we'll have a double birthday.

Can you see that perfect baby God is knitting together in her womb?  The baby He knew before the foundation of the world?

It's been a while since we have had a baby grandchild and we are getting our rocking arms in shape!  

When Ashley was born, I was sure I could never love another child like I love her.  Then Adam was born.....and I knew that God provides all the love we need!  Each one that comes along I love as much as the one that came before! 

Life has thrown it's share of curves, God has allowed us joys and sorrows, but the blessings far, far outweigh the sorrows. 

Welcome our new little love!  We can't wait to meet you!


Needled Mom said...

Congratulations!!! A new blessing is always the best of news. You are blessed multiple times, for sure.

Donnetta said...

Such wonderful exciting news!! CONGRATS to all!!

The White Family said...

Congratulations! You'll be the best Nana in the world for the new little grandchild!

Just Breathe said...

That is so exciting. What a beautiful family you have. God has blessed you.

KEE said...

You have been blessed with a beautiful family and the great thing is that you realize this and cherish every member.
Congrats on the new addition!

Mimi said...

What a special Blessing Grandchildren are!!!! I have 1 but hope for 10!!!!!

Katie and Beau said...

Yay! Another baby! I wonder if Russell (what's he gonna be called?) will turn into a bowl of mush?!

I just love to see ultrasound pictures, it really puts into perspective what a miracle a baby is.

nancygrayce said...

I'm voting for him to be called papa (paw paw) like his dad was, but he says he doesn't care what she calls him.

Cathy said...

You are already calling the new baby she??

Mari said...

Thanks for stopping at my blog.
Congratulations on a new grand baby! What exciting news!

Beth said...

Hello... thanks for stopping by...Walk A Mile! A new grand exciting! I am waiting for that next stage!

Cherdecor said...

Thank you for stopping at my blog. I always enjoy meeting new people.
I have put you on my feed so I will be sure to come back again.

Ida really played havoc with the east coast. The only problem for my son and his family was they were without power and may still be. Many other people had to deal with flooding and that was no picnic for sure.

Congratulations on the new grandbaby coming. You are blessed indeed!


Jason and Roxy said...

Congrats!!! Babies truly are blessings from above!!!

Tonja said...

What a beautiful post! How blessed you are! And, how wonderful to be expecting another one! Funny thing bout love...the more people you have to love the more love you have to share!

jennifer said...

Congratulations Nancy on the babies you have and the babies to come. You are truly blessed.

My husband and I were talking about being grandparents one day. He said "How weird is it that I love them already?"

God truly does put love in our heart and as much as we need.

Midwest Nest said...

Grandchildren are such a blessing. Congratulations.

Rob and Macey said...


Dawn said...

YAY for another grand - will this one be closer??

Beautiful Mess said...

You MOST certainly ARE blessed! What a beautiful family! and congrats on the new babe! God is SO good!

We have 2 children that we sponsor also from Uganda--I thought it was awesome that you included him--such a thoughtful thing... It makes me think about how I think about "my kids" I should include them. Simple but profound.

Thankful to have found your little corner of the world. Thanks for opening my eyes a little wider :))

God bless!