Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thinking of my veteran

My parents didn't take their yellow ribbon down until Paul got home.  Sorry, I cut part of you out of the picture!  Just a little FYI, my daddy wasn't mad, he just always looked like that!  He was happy, I promise.

Paul served in the first Gulf War in the Navy, stationed on the U.S.S. New Orleans.  The night the war started, my husband, younger son and I were at a little Mexican restaurant.  They stopped the music and started broadcasting that the war had started.  I remember starting to cry and saying we have to go home. 

We didn't know the day the war started if Paul's ship was actually in the Gulf or on the way.......nonetheless, we were very concerned.  I would just sit in front of the t.v. watching for any news of how things were going.  I grasped for every piece of news of those Naval ships.  I also prayed a lot!

As the Lord would have it, Paul came home safe and sound!  Shortly after getting back to his home base, he married and he and his wife came home for a visit.  We were so excited, our son was safe and we had a new daughter!

I am so thankful for all the men and women who have served our country by going to war so that we could live in safety and freedom.  I also pray for their families who are left behind often taking responsibilities on that they've never done alone before.

May we always be free! 


Just Breathe said...

I did the same thing with my SIL. Had him cut the ribbon down. He was in the Iraq war. We were so happy to have him home.

Donnetta said...

Thank you to your family for your sacrifice and service to our country.

Needled Mom said...

I remember coming home from work each night at midnight and listening to the update on the war. Of course it was a world away in time zones so the news was fresh.

I'm glad that all turned out well for your son and for all of our veterans.

Just the other day I drove past a home that was completely covered with yellow ribbons. I wondered about why...did they have a son or daughter serving in a foreign country....were they as worried as we all are....were they.....???????

Cathy said...

We are thankful for all our vets!! We can only pray for the day when there are no wars for our young people to have to fight!!

Deb said...

great tribute....

Mimi said...

HI Nancy!!!
How is your recovery going????
Hope all is well and you will be 100% soon!!!!
Thank you f to your son for serving!!!!God Bless America!!!!

Amy said...

That is awesome, yes amen on all those who serve our countries for good.