Saturday, November 7, 2009

Meet Frank, our new son!

 Meet our new son!  His name is Frank and he lives in Uganda.  When I read his story, I knew God was leading this young man into our lives.  He's one of 500 children Mercy Uganda is asking people to sponsor. 

Frank is 12 years old and goes to Bethel Junior school.  He actually boards there and lives with his father when not in school.  I don't know the details, but his mother died some time ago.

Frank is a bright and serious student.  Most of the students in Uganda are serious because they are aware that education is their only way out of the poverty which is all they have ever known.

Last February, Frank was abducted by local witch doctors while he was on his way to his grandfather's house.  He was to be used as a child sacrifice.  I have tried to imagine how terrified Frank must have been and I can't.  I can't imagine being in the presence of a witch doctor and I can't imagine any human sacrifice.
But Frank probably knew what was going on and he is 12.

I don't know what happened to Frank, but he had a scar on his stomach.  When the witch doctors saw the scar, he was immediately rejected as a sacrifice.  Thank God for that scar! 

So welcome Frank, our new son.  We promise to pray for you, write to you and love you.  May the gospel shine forth in your life!

I have probably said this before but one thing that really touched me about these Ugandan children is what I heard a Ugandan pastor say.....if Christians don't help our children, m*uslims will be glad to build schools and educate them.....and they may then be future terrorists.


Gigi said...

God bless your new son, Frank, and God bless you for opening your heart and resources to this child! My Sweet Hubby and I began sponsoring a 3 year old Haitian boy, Guithe, years ago...

How terrifying that experience with the witch doctor must have been...ugh. The lifestyles so many children have to endure is just beyond comprehension...

Mimi said...

Hi Nancy!!!
Thank you for introducing us to frank, That is so wonderful you have done that, I may look into that myself, as we need to teach them love for all humanity instead of a life of crime and terrorism, just to get their way, not going to happen if I can prevent it!!!

Stella said...

How wonderful and for Frank. Being abducted by a witch doctor is beyond my wildest imaging. Bless you for adopting Frank. Thanks for sharing his story.

Just Breathe said...

Sweet. I will pray for Frank too.

Just Breathe said...

I have an award for you, stop on over to pick it up.

Connie said...

Nancy...we just adopted a boy too from Uganda and his name is Gerald (my dad's name). I will have to share a post. Yes..if we as Christians don't do our part....others will. Praying for Frank and all the other children in Uganda today!


Deb said... nice of you to help Frank....

Teresa said...

Hi Nancy!
Oh how wonderful!
Congrats on your new son Frank!
What special moments you have ahead!
Delighted you popped over to Bainbridge to visit!
Can't believe you live in Panama City! I didn't think ANYONE really lived in Panama City! Just kidding! We vacationed there every summer when I was growing up...then we moved the action down the beach to Seagrove/Seaside Beach. Have you been to Seaside? It is lovely. furry-child is a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier...although everyone always wants to know if he is a labordoodle! Labordoodles are adorable and very popular here in the Northwest. Do you have a dog? Happy Night! Do visit again!

Anonymous said...

Someone who lives in Panama City, FL too wants to Congratulate you...ME!! How awesome to be one of the ones purposed from the beginning of the world to care for this young man!! I pray that God give you the wisdom and compassion needed to sustain this new relationship! Live blessed and I'll be back to check on ya!