Friday, July 20, 2007

The babies

These, ladies and gentlemen are our babies! Jack and Mikey. This is them in bed in the motorhome on a recent road trip. They love to go in the motorhome. Russell and i never thought we would be so crazy about dogs, but it just happened! When our big lab Sam died about two years ago, we were so sad and I swore off dogs forever. It is too hard when they die. But after the grieving process ended, I started just looking at different breeds on the internet. I had very specific requirements.....small enough to pick up (that is not bigger than me!) and no shedding! For all of Sam's 14 years, he shed enough white hair to make several blankets.

I got Jack December of 2005....the perfect dog. He was housebroken in a week and was just the greatest! But I always felt like he needed a friend, so in December of 2006, I wandered into the pet store with my dil, Claudia, and we found Mikey. He was so pitiful and filthy! He and his 2 brothers were in a glass cage with newspaper shreds all over the floor and nothing had been cleaned in days I made an offer and took Mikey home. Claudia and I bathed him and he was so matted I had to cut a lot of his hair. I felt guilty for not buying his brothers, but you know, you can only have so many dogs! When we took him to our vet, he had every possible thing he could have and cost as much as having a newborn human baby. But he was ever so sweet.....o.k. lets see, Jack was so smart and Mikey, well let's just say he's not the brightest bulb in the pack! He is almost 9 months old and still has the ocassional accident...but he's really sorry! And he is sweet....I keep saying that over and over and over and over, well you get the picture. Together they have lots of fun and the favorite game is fetching a toy.....

The point is....Russell and I in our midlives have really lost out minds. But you know, they don't ask for much, just some food, water and treats, they love us like crazy and greet us with wagging tails every day, teachers nor policemen never call about their behavior! So I'll leave you with one last picture.... Okey dokey, it is at the top! I call this one, "Hey, could somebody help us down?"

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