Friday, July 27, 2007

A Heart Melts

They landed on time, had a great pizza supper, swam for a long time and then, SPEED STACKERS!!! We watched the video and they played for a while, while their Nana watched and soaked them in like a sponge! They have grown so much this year! Adam seems so much more mature and Ashley is just beautiful and so sweet!

Adam was talking to me tonight when just he, Ashley and I were still up and he said "Nana, I wish I lived over here in Florida." I said "Why?" And (hold onto your hearts) "cause you're here"....Oh, my gosh, my heart melted in my chest! Being a Nana is so wonderful!

As I write, they are trying hard to go to sleep. It is after 11 p.m. here, but of course only 9 where they live....I think they will probably just stay up awhile while their Nana goes to bed!

Since no one was sleepy, except me, they asked me to tell them some family stories..I told them about when their daddy was born. Then I said goodnite!

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