Friday, July 27, 2007

Surprise for Grandma

If you know someone who lives in a retirement center and you want to really make them happy, go to lunch! There! Today the grandchildren and I surprised mama at lunch. As we were sitting at the table, she was telling everyone who walked by that these were her greatgrandchildren! Of course, if anybody under 65 is in the dining room they get stared at a lot! The kids loved the attention and so did mama!

It made me think of a time before daddy died. Ashley, my 15 year old granddaughter, was about 3 when my sister and her husband, mama and daddy and I drove from Florida to California. Yes, it is the longest drive, especially across Texas..and if you've ever driven Texas from border to border, you know what a long, boring drive it can be. Another problem there are no rest areas! Here in Florida, we have a rest stop every 30 miles or so, because we just can't wait! Anyway, back to my original thoughts. Daddy was a tall, thin man who by this point in life had little to NO patience with little children. Also, due to circumstances of life, we had not seen Ashley in a long, long time. The minute she saw us, she knew us. She was such a little lady! Daddy fell in complete and total love with her. We explained that I was her nana and that daddy was her great grandfather and mama her greatgrandmother. While at the San Diego zoo, she was dawdling (southern for day dreaming and lagging behind). When she noticed some of our group was ahead of her, she shouted in her best 3 year old voice "Great, Great wait for me great". Well, she had him then and for the rest of his life he was Great to her. We miss him!

This visit is breathing joy into my heart. Don't ever let your children move far away, because they take your grandchildren with them!

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