Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I want to talk about my sweet mama today, but first I need to thank momrn2momrn2 for helping me with my blog! She took my 3 blogs and joined them into one! Thanks so much! I'm so excited to now be a one blogger woman!

This is me with my mama. Today we went to the dentist and she was feeling so bad. She didn't remember the dentist's wife and she has known her for years. I left feeling sad. So that's not who I want to introduce.....I want to introduce my mama, my friend. Mama was one of 7 children, the third of 4 girls. She grew up in a family where there wasn't a lot of money, but there was a lot of love. Mama and her sisters would find dresses they liked in a catalog and my grandmother would cut patterns and sew the dresses. They felt very well dressed, and were all raised to have grace and dignity.

One trivia fact about mama is that way back during the war, we had a tall (for small town usa) hotel called the Dixie Sherman Hotel (you may know the song "The Day they tore Old Dixie Down) and they had a band and dancing on the top. Mama saw Clark Gable! He was stationed at the air force base in our town. I'm sure he wanted to ask mama to dance.

Just as soon as I figure out what is wrong with my scanner, I'll scan in a picture of mama and her sisters.

I have 5 siblings and when we were growing up, mama was one of the original stay at home moms, although I feel sure that at times she would have rather gone to work than listen to us all day! But she was always there, and she always took care of her children. At any given time, anyone who needed a home stayed with us including most of us kids when we were adults. So mama, now that you need us, we'll be here, just like you were. I love you!

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