Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sisters and Sadness

This is my mama and her sister, the only two left of 7 brothers and sisters. Aunt B has always been a second mama to my sisters and brothers and myself. I stayed with them when my younger brother was born and as he was born on July 30 and I was born on July 31, 8 years apart, I celebrated my birthday that year with Aunt B and Uncle S. That was the year I got my "big girl" bike. Aunt B made most of our Easter dresses and we had many an egg hunt at her house. She also gave the "perms" we had to have more often than we wanted to!

Uncle S died several years ago and Aunt B lived in her little house on the bay. She was an immaculate housekeeper and was very particular about her dress, and had every hair in place! She is loved by many.

Last nite we found out that Aunt B went to live in a nursing center. I went to tell mama and then went to visit Aunt B "to scout it out" before mama visits. The two sisters have always been so close, even when they fuss with each other. We call them the Golden Girls. Over the past few years, Aunt B has been gradually forgetting more and more. She will celebrate her 92nd birthday in September.

Nursing homes are sad places and although this one isn't bad, it is what it is. My cousin was there with her, and when she started to leave, Aunt B said, well I'm going with you!" That was when I got my keys, kissed and hugged her and got in my car to leave. So many memories flood through my mind. Happy memories. She didn't know me today, but when I said Husbands name, she knew who he was! She has always said he is the best looking man she has ever met. (of course she is almost blind). I went to visit mama and to give her a report. I made it sound as good as possible and left out the hardest stuff. Age is such a strange thing, the only thing that makes it possible to bear is that we know God holds Aunt B, mama and all of us in his everlasting arms!

With so much love to you, Aunt B

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