Friday, August 10, 2007

Back to school

Tomorrow our youngest flies out of the nest again and back to college! This picture is from his "coating" ceremony. Matt is attending the school of pharmacy at the University of Florida! He has finished his first year of pharmacy school, was home for the summer and tomorrow goes back. We were talking tonight as we were getting things together and he calmly stated, "well, you know I won't be coming back here to live again." I said "not so calmly" WHY??? He explained that next summer he will be working at a pharmacy there and then he does his rotations and then he graduates! Time has flown since he came into my life at age 7.

Please don't misunderstand, I don't suffer from empty nest syndrome...3 have already flown. But we will miss Matt more, maybe since he's the youngest. He's always been the one who made sure everything was locked up at night and the lights were off! He is a very dependable man. It is hard for me to say any of our boys are just sounds odd to the ears of a mama. I think it may be harder for us with him too, because he had special obstacles to overcome, which he did with a vengeance! Matt was born with goldenhar syndrome and also has nystagmus and as a result has some vision issues and has always been very shy. Being away at school last year really seemed to bring him out of his shell.
We didn't think he would be able to drive but he fooled us! He has overcome every (what we would call) obstacle in his path and is on his way to a successful future . Most importantly, he sincerely loves the Lord.
We will be going down with him to help him get set up for a new year. God go with you this year and may you glorify him in all you do! We love you.

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Dawn said...

Congratulations to him on choosing such a great career and overcoming so much in his life.

Thanks so much for your prayers and concern! Kristen will be keeping everyone posted on the progress. IT has been a tough week.