Thursday, August 23, 2007

Children Born from faith

These are her children....children born to a husband and wife only after they were drawn to Christ. The girls let me read Linda's testimony and it is riveting. Linda always wanted children, but was not successful for some years after she married Big T. Then after they were saved, they had four! Once she told me that she couldn't wait to have grandchildren and she loved having all her family around. She will hold her grandchildren when they join her in heaven.

B, her oldest, was so precious to her. He was her only boy and her first child, she loved him dearly. When Linda was so sick and he was home from college, he would jump right in and care for her! He married a few years ago to a really great girl! Their wedding day was a happy and sad day. Linda's presence was sorely missed, but she so looked forward to the day her children were married and happily settled down. B's wife is a teacher and B is a biochemical engineer. (or something like that!)

K, her first daughter, so responsible and caring, putting everyone ahead of herself, coming home from college to be with her mother and family during that awful time. She is engaged to a wonderful man. He had the diamond from her mother's ring reset into her engagement ring. It is stunning, but more than that so sentimental. The wedding may be a mixture of sadness and joy, especially to Big T....K is the image of her beautiful mother. Her "ways" are so like Linda's ways. She will be a breathtaking bride. K is a natural caretaker....I had surgery a couple years ago and K stayed right by my side, even sleeping on the floor by my bed so she wouldn't "disturb" me, but would be there if I needed anything. Hubby appreciated that! She is now a speech pathologist in a nearby town, but after she marries into the Navy, she will be moving far away! Even though we are all for leaving and cleaving, it will be hard for her to be far away. But their second station is where my grandchildren I'll be going to visit!

E, who was in her senior year of high school in an honors program, bravely carried on with school, while also being home with Linda as much as possible. Her senior prom, she was so beautiful. She graduated 3 months after her mother died, with honors and scholarships, and was awarded a special hero's award for doing it all during the most stressful time in her life. She's beautiful, talented and adventuresome! She moved to Atlanta and worked there for a time then started working as a traveling therapist and has lived in Colorado and Texas! She is a physical therapist and loves working with children. She is the introspective one....she ponders things in her heart.

MG, the baby! What can you say about the baby?? She's beautiful and talented. MG was uprooted from her high school and moved to a nearby town where Big T's job was located. She had a lot of change in a very short time, and has done it with grace (well, most of the time, I mean she is the baby!). She has a wonderful sense of humor, but do NOT make her mad, the girl holds a grudge! :) After graduation, she went to college and she and K lived together for a few years. She is now a teacher in a nearby town and I know the kids just love her, but she keeps order in her classroom! Ellie, her dog, is in the picture, a very mannerly dog, the first I've ever seen sit on the couch just like a person!

These children are all such a blessing, they are very close to one another and each one values the other's opinions greatly. Linda and Big T with God's help did a very good job!

I love you girls! (you too Brian)


Tonja said...

They sound like wonderful people, and will forever be a testament to their mother's love and guidance. How blessed they all must be to know she is in heaven waiting on them, and that they will all be together again one day. It sounds as if they are all using their lives to serve others and make this world a better place. God bless them all.

Goodlikeamedicine said...

Hey Nancy! Came in from Emily's blog to visit - I had forgotten your address :)

I want our children to be this close when they are older!!!

Love you and miss you! :)

Dawn said...

What a gripping story. What a wonderful legacy she left. I know you miss her.

Thanks so much for continuing to pray and for your visits. They mean so much to me.