Friday, August 3, 2007

Too Busy Making those Memories

Not that I really think anyone reads my blog but we have been so busy making memories that we haven't had time to write about making memories...Yesterday my sisters and part of their families came. The picture at the top is one we take every year. The same pose only they get bigger and bigger, and now are almost too big for my bed! The second picture is of my sister, her husband, their son Joshua and Ashley and Adam (grandchildren). For all who don't have grandchildren, when you do, you'll know why they call them GRAND!!!!
Lots of cousins came and they swam and played and ate and ate and ate all day. Housekeeping has to go out the window when company comes to town!
Ashley and Adam get up in the morning and after breakfast get in the pool and are there for most of the day. Ashley reads a lot and is going through my bookcases scouring for books to read.
Last nite some of us gathered at our favorite Mexican restaurant for supper. My grandchildren are fluent in Spanish and Adam had fun ordering his food and his cousin's food in Spanish, but Ashley is "much too old" for that silliness. We are having a good time, a very good time!

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