Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Cleaning ....

Does anybody else clean in a strange way when you're having company??? I started this time with my closet...MY CLOSET! So now, I can only hope someone wanders in and notices how nice and dust free my closet is. Husband shakes head. Then I decided to start at the back and clean forward so that the main part of the house would be cleaned last and maybe stay that way until after the party. But when you start looking at your house the way you think other people will look at it, you suddenly become a much better house keeper. I have dusted vents, ceiling fans, redecorated the entire place, well not really but it feels like I have. Bought new pillows to go on a church pew, changed out some flowers, just stuff like that. And have you also noticed that when you start one thing, it just pyamids? You clean one thing and look around and that made something else look like it needs cleaning. Cleaning, cooking and washing clothes are indeed the never ending jobs. Of course, if you listen to my husband, he says so is working in the workaday world!

Oh, well, back to the grind! I'm actually happy to be doing this for such a special occasion!!!

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Tonja said...

This is EXACTLY what I do...and they NEVER notice those little things. But I still do it anyway. We women...:) And, you're can never change just one always calls for something else!