Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Into the wild blue yonder!

There is a different sound here tonight. Quiet. The pool floats are empty, no joyful splashing, towels and sheets are waiting to be washed. No gleeful laughing as the dogs lick their faces. Only the small sound of a tear dropping from my eye. I'll miss them.
It was the return trip that almost didn't happen. Ashley and Adam painfully packed their suitcases, cramming in the last few extras they had to take back to California. Their great grandmother went with us to an early lunch then on to the airport. We started the check in process when the airline worker told us one of their bags was overweight......I said what do we do? He said take stuff out of one and put in the other to which I replied.....cannot do! He quoted a price of $25.00 to go overweight and without blinking an eye, I said "this may not sound frugal, but if you open those suitcases, we may never get stuff back in, so I got out the money". We got almost all the way checked in, when it was announced that their flight coming into our town from Atlanta had been delayed due to mechanical problems. They usually don't book children on a later flight in case they don't get to their destination. However, since they are such seasoned flyers, they got them on a plane a little later, but of course that meant they missed their connection and had to be booked on a later flight for the final leg of the trip home. As we were finishing up at the check in desk, the sweet man behind the counter saw a poor pitiful nana sending her babies home and said "You know, we'll just waive that $25.00". Thank you sir!! We all started to the security gate, took our shoes off and all our stuff like backpacks and purses and all managed to get through without problem. Then the thunderstorm started and this nana felt the hair on her neck rising. I didn't want my babies (15 and 11) on a plane in a storm! With our long wait, the storm spent itself, the kids names were called to board first and we tearfully hugged goodbye until we meet again.
After they were safely in the air, I took a deep breath and looked at great gma and said I'm tired! Their leaving always leaves me a bit down, but so grateful and thankful to the Lord that we have such a good relationship with them and that they love coming to see their Florida family!
So goodbye for now sweet ones, we'll see you again soon!


Dawn said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time with your grandchildren. Mine are still young, live 3 doors down the street from me, and I keep them every afternoon - exhausting sometimes! My daughter just announced (through a link from my site) that she's having her 3rd baby (and she has a stepson), so it will be a 4 ring circus around there, instead of 3!

She is the one who made my blog for me and keeps it going. I am technologically challenged.

It has been such fun blogging, and I hope you can get some more traffic, because that makes it so much more fun when you have interaction with others.

nancygrayce said...

A comment!!!!! I'm so excited! Thanks Dawn. I've been praying since you wrote about your daughter's baby. I prayed His everlasting arms would hold that sweet baby!