Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy Birthday to the Man I love!

We celebrate two birthdays on this last day of August, thus we have two posts today. This is my husband who turns _ _ today! He's 11 months older than I am so he's 56! For one month a year we are the same age, but today he's officially older!

His birthday seems an appropriate time to talk about how we met. So whatever will I talk about when our anniversary comes??? Oh, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

It was January, cold, even so after work my friend and I would go to the walking park and walk. I am a native of my little town and think I know several times over the months we had walked, I would speak to someone else on the track and say "aren't you so and so?" and they would ALWAYS say no. But on this cold afternoon, God brought two people together at just the right time and just the right place! We were walking along and I spyed Russell walking and said to my friend "I know him" which she replied "NO YOU DONT! DON'T SPEAK" I'm guessing she was embarassed all those time I did speak to people that I really didn't know. I insisted that I knew him and not only that, that we grew up in church together. My only problem was, he had a brother and I wasn't sure which one he was since I'd not seen either of them in years. So when we were side by side, starting to pass him on the track, I said..........and my friend tried to strangle me, "aren't you one of the (our last name)?" The bells rang and the birds sang, he said yes!!!!! then "who are you?" I guess all those years in church he was listening to the sermon while I was busy scanning the aisles for future husbands. During our conversation, I somehow figured out which brother he was without asking outright.

He walked with us for a while and we talked about how we knew each other, and our families too. He eventually came to his truck and it was time to part...I thought to myself, "Maybe I should tell him my last name now, you know, just in case???" I had introduced myself with my maiden name. So I somehow got my last name out. Now I had no idea that he was very forgetful. Two weeks later, he called and asked me out....the night he picked me up to go to a movie, I saw where he had written my he would be able to look it up in the phone book! AHHHHH!!!!! I guess he "knew" we were supposed to be together why did it take him two weeks to call??? He was worth the wait!

Here's where the "we know it was God" part comes husband is a January he is very busy, but that day he had decided to walk. At 5 p.m. exactly when I was walking. No one could ever convince me that was a coincidence! 2 1/2 years later, we married in the church where we grew up. That was almost 12 years ago.

My husband is the best man I've ever know, except for my fact he's so much like daddy that it seems spooky sometimes. He's incredibly honest, hard working, a wonderful father and my best friend. The only time I truly relax is when he's with me.

I love you dear husband, even if I nag sometimes, o.k. a lot, it is ONLY because I love you! And forever I will say AML/AML All my love, all my life!


Dawn said...

Yesterday was a great day for birthdays, eh? Thanks for stopping by!

I'm glad you both went on that walk that day. And I'm very happy your son came safely!

Tonja said...

Happy Birthday, Husband!

I think that's probably what most of us were doing in church back then, scouting out a husband! Funny!