Monday, August 6, 2007

World's Most Beautiful Beaches

Yes, we live on the world's most beautiful beaches! Well, o.k. not exactly ON THEM, but real near. These sweet children are Ashley, Adam (grands) and their cousin Joshua. Uncle Mike and Aunt Pam are camping at the state park, so we went to visit and take a trip over to the jetties. This "kiddie pond" is where I went as a child. I was amazed at how it has changed. The rocks on the jettie side were much higher protecting the kiddie pool from the strong currents in the pass which leads from the bay into the gulf. We were very careful not to let them go far enough to get into those currents.

Joshua and Adam had lots of fun together. They have many common interests, both like skateboarding and remote control anything and of course video games. We limited the game time choosing to do outside stuff that they wouldn't normally do at home.

I will miss them so when they are gone home....even as I know their parents miss them while they are here in Florida!

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