Friday, August 17, 2007

Those sultry swimming days of summer

With summer almost over now, we are finally getting around to swimming! This has been a busy week, so it was a good day to rest at the pool with friends and their little ones. What a wonderful way to just sit and relax. Caroline was unhappy and sleepy, so I had the privilege of rocking and singing her to sleep. I sang Dwelling in Beulah Land (at least the parts I know, which is mainly the chorus) which was my daddy's favorite song.
This is the chorus:
I'm standing on the mountain
underneath a cloudless sky, Praise God,
I'm drinking from the fountain that never will go dry,
Oh, yes, I'm feasting on the manna from a bountiful supply
for I am dwelling in Beulah land.
It has a nice tune and is easy to sing. I'm not so good with music, so I have to sing what I know!
We had a wonderful time and I hope we do it again real soon. Sometimes I let life get too busy and get frustrated because I feel like I'm going too fast. That made me remember that old saying ,"Stop world, I want to get off"......No, I don't really want to get off, just slow down and enjoy every day the Lord has given. When my husband prays, he starts by saying "Thank you, Lord for this beautiful day". He prays this every day, whether it is sunny, hot, cold, raining whatever the weather it is a beautiful day because God made it and allowed us to enjoy!


Dawn said...

Wow, thanks for coming over so quickly. It was fun to see your comment when I had just finished posting. And you're right, it did take our minds off the "other stuff." Kristen posted yesterday that she felt kicking already, and feels like they're okay. We'll know Tuesday. Thanks for praying!

Dawn said...

PS I meant to tell you that Dwelling in Beulah Land is one of my favorite old hymns as well!

emily said...

it was so wonderful to visit with you and swim in your beautiful pool! thank you for your sweet hospitality.... and for singing fussy caroline to sleep. THAT was a treat!