Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Making Memories

Because I don't see my grandchildren very often, when they're here, we try to make happy memories to carry us all through until we meet again. Yesterday was my birthday and thanks to my friend and former mother in law, the grandkids came home with a present and card . Thanks Marilyn, you are indeed a good friend.

We had a nice dinner thanks to my precious husband. I picked up mama and my inlaws came, two sons, my nephew and his girlfriend. We had a really good time. I just wanted to put up some pictures, or memories as we like to call them.
Tomorrow my two sisters and a few of their family members are coming from Tallahassee and Pensacola to visit and see the children. We really excited about that! This is a somewhat a quieter trip than usual, just because I have such a big family and just didn't feel up to having all at once! We usually do that, but not this time....and we're enjoying them more and feeling much less stress! So simple!

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