Monday, August 27, 2007

Then and Now

This is Russell's oldest son and my step (I hate that word) son, Tommy. This is his first date with Claudia. The occasion was the Sadie Hawkins dance at school, they were freshmen in high school.....As far as I know, they didn't date anyone else, but went through high school and college together, then married!

After Tommy graduated from the University of Florida, GO GATORS, he took a job in an engineering firm. Claudia graduated from the University of Florida too and is now working toward her doctorate while teaching preK ESE. They are both really hard working people. We are so proud of them and all they have accomplished in such a short time.

Here they are in front of their first home. They bought a really pretty home in the town where they live. The yard was already beautifully landscaped. They have 3 cats and a dog, Roscoe. Our constant prayer is that this home will be filled with the love of Christ and that He will always be their center.

Roscoe, what can you say about Roscoe. He was a pound doggie. Claudia adopted him 11 days before their wedding. I asked her if she didn't have quite enough to do??? But he's a sweet, old dog. He only has one tooth that sticks out over his lip and he likes to be right with Claudia and Tommy. He's a chihuahua mixed with something. Roscoe isn't supposed to eat dry food because he can't the poor thing, when he comes to visit grandpa and nana's house, he runs over to our dogs' food dish and tries to eat it all and quickly....ah the temptation! If he manages to eat some, he feels really bad later.

What a wonderful thing to add a daughter and for your children to grow up to be your friends. We love you two!


Ang baylis said...

Awe... what a sweet story! I loved seeing the pictures! I agree, I hate (step) also!

Thanks for visiting my blog! It's always nice to meet someone new! I'll be back to read more! I like your blog!


Tonja said...

Aw, the poor puppy. But he has a better life now. Nice to meet your son and daughter in law. They sound like really smart kids! Good for them.