Thursday, August 9, 2007

Oh, the places you've been, oh, the places you'll go!

These are two of my sons....the little one is David and he is 30 today. I can hardly believe that 30 years ago I was in the hospital having delivered him at 2:08 in the afternoon and by this time that nite, I knew something was wrong. 10 hours after birth, he started seizing on the right side of his body. No one told me that anything was wrong. They brought him to me to nurse and his whole right side began to rhymically jerk and his right eye blinked in time with the arm and leg! I honestly thought he was cold, so I did my best to warm him up and hold him close....the nurse came in and said she needed to take him to the nursery.....we didn't have a NICU. Later he was diagnosed with birth trauma, whatever that means. He was on phenobarbital for 3 weeks and slowly weaned off and has never had another seizure that we know about.
But backing up a little, my older son was 7 when David was born....I lost a baby to miscarriage 2 years before David was born, then went through the whole fertility thing. (as my mother loves to tell me when he's made me mad, "you know, you took fertility pills to get him.") She just loves to tell me that!!! It did take a while to get pregnant again and then for him to have problems at birth just scared me and tested my faith! I didn't know then that these troubles were refining me to face bigger ones in the years to come.
Happy Birthday David! I love you......mama

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Dawn said...

Happy birthday to DAvid! My son was 30 in February. My baby, too.

Sounds like you could be a good one to talk to Kristen. She has her post up about yesterday's experience and what they're facing.

Thanks so much for your prayers!