Monday, November 12, 2007

Another day!

Thanks to all who commented with words of encouragement! I really appreciate knowing there are people who care enough to pray! That is what is keeping all of us together these days.

My sister, Cathy,(pictured above with mama) who lives in Pensacola came Saturday and stayed until late Sunday afternoon. We are all trying to do what we can and be with mama as much as we can. She had a small procedure this afternoon on her shoulder which we hope will make her better able to use her walker. The medicine confused her a little. Tomorrow she will be moved to a rehab center to get her strong enough to go home! We are all looking forward to that day!

Matt, the youngest, was home for the weekend and I hardly saw him. I told him I'd make it up to him next time!

I still haven't heard from my oldest, and I'm still just having to trust Him with that.

This is Monday, Tuesday will be a better day!

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