Saturday, November 17, 2007

Those last minute things.....

O.K. today as I was frantically packing the motor home to leave at o'dark thirty (as my daddy used to say) son and his two friends came to have their early Thanksgiving! That is so David. He's very ADHD, very ,very! But he's sweet....he's in the middle with the cat. I got out the enchiladas and fed them. They left. Friend Carol came and two of our precious surrogate daughters came to visit while they were in town for a baby shower. From left to right, Carol, Katie, Mary Grace and me.

My little sister is here this weekend staying with me and visiting with mama. Yes that's her the young looking ,skinny one. Yes, next to the chubby older sister. She dragged me out to walk this morning, then she came home and did crunches and I don't know what all else. She wears a size 2.

We are finally almost all packed to leave in the morning. We rode over and got Russell's parents stuff. NONE OF US TRAVEL LIGHT! No, you would think we were off to tour the country! We will be on the road for two we ask prayer for traveling mercies. Especially while I'm driving the motor home, pulling our car behind! I can only drive two hours at a time because it totally wipes me out. I'm stressed to the max the entire time I'm driving.

So good Sunday to all....We will have our laptop so I'll try to keep up!!

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Tonja said...

Have a great trip. Be safe and Happy Thanksgiving!