Monday, November 26, 2007

Wrapping up Thanksgiving!

Here's papa in the motor home with his buddies, Jack and Mikey! They keep a close watch on him as you can see.

We started out our adventure on Sunday morning before Thanksgiving. It takes two days to get to Russell's sister's home. We almost always make it to Commerce, GA and spend the night in the parking lot of the outlet center. We got a late start and got there after the stores closed, so no shopping that day.

We got to our destination and went for supper at Aunt Sue's....our youngest flew in Wednesday morning. He is the only one of our children who made it for Thanksgiving.

Yes, he's holding a beer, he's almost 22 now. Hard to believe, but he's very responsible and only drinks one or two.....that I know of, and that's all I want to know. :)

There was lots of cooking, Sue treated us every nite with a wonderful meal. She's really quite the gourmet cook.

Mother and daughter spent time together....

Sue and Johnny's boys were home from college to spend Thanksgiving with family.....

Johnny and Sarah after dinner sharing a moment.............

Russell and I sharing a moment with our babies..........

And then it was time to come back home.....full of food and fellowship. Everyone back to their everyday lives.

I'm thankful for:

God for giving us every good and perfect gift....especially our salvation.

My husband who is a new gift every day.

A safe trip especially for papa.

Time spent with family.

Knowing that other family members were celebrating Thanksgiving in different places.

That both my older boys called during the day.

That Claudia and Tommy had their own quiet day. Claudia was sick and couldn't come.

That mama was taken care of and spent the day with my sisters and brothers and her grandchildren and greatgrands.

That we live in America. I am forever an American. I believe in this country as it was formed by our forefathers.

For the faith of our fathers, living faith.

For friends.....some near and some far away!

I'm thankful!

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Tonja said...

so glad you had such a special time. Sounds as if you made lots of sweet memories...and isn't that what Thanksgiving is all about? You have been blessed.