Friday, November 16, 2007

Early Thanksgiving

We leave Sunday on our journey to North Carolina to have Thanksgiving with Russell's sister and family. We are praying that papa will be able to make the trip without any problems! Since I won't be here, tonight I'm having an early Thanksgiving with my son who lives in town. Only instead of turkey, we'll be having his favorite, enchiladas! I hope he isn't disappointed because I made them with a new recipe and they are a little different. The original recipe came from a friend of my sister Cathy that she got while living in Austin, you know that has to be good!!! The new one comes from my sister Debbie and she says they are even better....ooops, I didn't say that Cathy!!

Well, David didn't come, not that unusual, so my sister and my friend and my husband and I enjoyed the absolute best enchiladas I've ever put in my mouth!!! Well, except for the other sister's recipe. Not to brag just remember they weren't my recipe.

It's Friday!!! My favorite day of the week....oh, how I hope it isn't like last Friday nite!

So I'm finishing this post on Saturday morning. My little sister got me up and we walked 2 miles....then she did 200 you didn't read that wrong. Sickening isn't it....of course she does wear a size 2 which is also very, very sick! She doesn't want to be like mama when she's she's actually doing something about it. Anyway, I sure hope I lost 10 lbs on that walk cause I sure need to! :) Now I'm off to pack the motor home for our trip tomorrow! I know, I know, I haven't even started and have no clue what to take!!!!! Have a great weekend!

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Dawn said...

I'm sorry he didn't show up. I know you're disappointed and worried. But I hope you have a wonderful time the rest of the week.

I'd love to have the recipe for the best enchiladas you ever ate!