Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A little peek into our anniversary trip.....

These are a few of our beach pictures taken on our 12th honeymoon as we like to call it!!! I think this was our most relaxing trip.

When we got to the first R.V. park, Henderson Beach, we were excited to have a front row seat to the power boat time trials for a race that we assume was Saturday. It was exciting to see those really fast boats and the helicopters chasing them,filming I guess.

The weather could not have been more perfect! We put our shorts on and walked on the beach kicking ourselves because we hadn't brought bathing suits....although the next day the purple flags were flying, meaning there were dangerous "pests" in the water which could be jellyfish, red tide or a number of other things, so we wouldn't have been in the water anyway.

We spent a lot of time walking with our dogs and meeting all the other campers and their dogs. We rode bikes for miles and we ATE. Before we left I lost 4 lbs.....they're back! I didn't realize how chubby I was until I looked at a picture of the two of us we got our waitress to take one nite when we were out to eat. It wasn't too bad just looking at it on the camera, but when I put it on the computer I said "who is that fat girl you were with??" I'm seriously back on my sensible eating plan today!

That was just a little peek, more later....you know when you get home, you have to clean that sucker and unload and you know I always take about 4 times as much as I ever wear, just in case! :)

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