Tuesday, November 13, 2007

He always provides....

God always steps in if we just trust that He will.....mama was transferred to a rehab facility today which is what we wanted so that she can get stable on her feet again....she was not happy about it and didn't want to go. But as the day wore on, her spirits improved! When you move from one hospital to another (I'm guessing), they take pictures probably to cover their butts. And speaking of butts, they were taking pictures while I was gone to get some of her clothes...when I got back she said did you know they took pictures of my butt...and that is the biggest butt I've ever seen! Of course I cracked up and folks, remember this, laughter is truly the best medicine. Plus it was nice to hear her sense of humor back.

Tonight is the first nite I've actually been home early since this all started. I've tried to be productive and get the wash done and some cooking.

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