Friday, February 22, 2008

The Best laid plans....

There was a brunch planned for all volunteers to meet this morning with the speaker from last nite's banquet. A wonderful speaker from Focus on the Family, and no, I can't remember her name, I can barely remember my own! I was looking forward to meeting all the other volunteers that work on other days. We only meet at the annual fundraiser and Christmas parties. I haven't been to a Christmas party yet, so I really only know the ones who are there when I'm there....anyhow....

When I woke up this morning, my baby (below) was acting strange and trembling. Luckily I knew those signs and managed to get him in the shower before he threw up...he did that twice and on the third time he threw up blood! Now all you who really aren't dog lovers probably don't need to read further.

I called the vet and said we were coming in, that it was an emergency and I considered calling 911. She said well, come at 10:30! Obviously, she doesn't know the meaning of the word, EMERGENCY. That seemed hours away. But I got ready while Jack lay lethargically on the floor.

You ever notice how vets and doctors never really know what's wrong with you but they just give you lots of medicine to get you out of their office??? Well, he thought maybe Jack was reacting to the weather, no, I'm not kidding. But he gave him something for nausea, antibiotics, something to coat his stomach and some anti anxiety medicine.

Oh, trust me, he needs the anti anxiety pills, he's a lot like his mother! Anyway, a bazillion dollars later and special food for his sensitive tummy, we got home where he proceeded to act like he had never had a sick moment in his life! SIGH!

Missed the brunch. But did a few errands, visited with mama for 3 minutes and got home just before the thunderstorms started........again. I'm so sorry for all of you that get snowed in, this is just the second day of unrelenting rain and I'm already stir crazy. I just keep repeating, we need the rain, we need the rain!

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Tonja said...

Glad he's OK. A little anti-anxiety med never hurt anyone!

It's beautiful here today..72 and sunny