Monday, February 18, 2008

Longing for California

Last nite my dear, dear husband said why don't we plan a trip to California in maybe, say July! I jumped right on that one, and said a boisterous yes! His next statement was o.k. plan the trip. Oh, dear, he means down to every rest stop, nite stop and more! But o.k.! Anything to get out to see those grandkids. I have actually ridden this trip before when my parents, sister and brother in law and I went out when Ashley was 3. She's 15 1/2. However, I do remember what a LONG trip it is! The longest part being through Texas! Do y'all know how big Texas is?? I know you do Annie! We would be driving the motorhome and pulling my car. I'm not sure how many hours per day we would drive. I do drive, but I can only take two hours at a time, because it tires me so badly.

I've wanted to do this for a long time. Russell's never seen where the grandkids live and now since my son is there two, we would see them all.

Speaking of the grands, my granddaughter is due home tomorrow! I can hardly wait to hear all about her trip to Italy. While she was gone her brother, my grandson went to camp. Apparently all the 6th graders go to camp. I pray it isn't diversity training! It is California.

Anyway, I'd best get to planning! I'm going to do a follow up with pictures, but I have to scan them since that was before the digital days. I do so like digital cameras!


Dawn said...

Yes, a trip from Florida to California is A LONG DRIVE! But the reward at the other end will be wonderful.

I had to chuckle at your comment about your grandson's trip to camp - we always say that by the time the new trends in Education make it here to Colorado, they've come up with someone even crazier!

Teri said...

It sounds WONDERFUL! I SO badly want to get away! Yay for you!

Leigh said...

OH! That sounds like such fun!

Tonja said...

Oh that sounds like a wonderful trip to start looking forward to. Good luck in your planning!