Saturday, February 23, 2008

What a difference a day makes!

Wow! Today we have beautiful blue skies! The last two days we have had torrential rains! I'm so grateful to God that we didn't flood at our home and praying for the people who did flood. Although our pool did overflow and we had to let water out on the already drenched ground.

Sunshine is a wonderful thing! I got up this morning with a new attitude....started working and shampooed two carpets, mopped and cleaned two bathrooms and dusted (badly needed). I worked for a little while on the pool and it got so warm I thought seriously about jumping in, but I'm betting it is still cold in that water! It needs to be fairly warm for me! Plus with all the rain water, we need to put salt in the pool.

Do any of you have a salt driven chlorine pool? It is the greatest thing! We just basically put salt (table salt, well, in big bags) in the pool and the magical machine by the pump :) makes it into chlorine. But the great thing about it is it doesn't smell like chlorine and it never, ever turns your hair green! We've had it since 1998 and I'll bet the chlorinator has paid for itself 20 times over! So if you're thinking of a pool or doing some changes to your pool, I highly recommend it! However, don't expect the people at the pool place to try a hard sell because they want to sell that messy chlorine!

Well, back to enjoying this sunny day. I hope it's sunny where you are today!


Dawn said...

Not too many yard pools around here in Nevada, oops, I mean Colorado!

Dawn said...

PS - it WAS sunny here today - DC was out pruning trees.

leslie said...

Hi Nancy. Glad you enjoyed the sunshine. It was beautiful here, too, but I took my daughter to see "Juno" at the movies. It was very good, but as I said over on Josie's site, not Best Picture worthy, at least in my mind. Yes, sunshine sure makes a huge difference in our moods, doesn't it? Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny, too, so after church will take my daughter out for lunch and a walk along the beach. Hopefully I'll have photos to post. Have a blessed Sunday! :D

Tonja said...

I am so glad t is not raining ! I felt like I was going to was away there for awhile!

We are planning on using the salt water type pool at the house we are building. I just can't stand all that chlorine, the salt water is just so much nicer.

Have a great week! Hope the sun shines on you every day!

Needled Mom said...

So glad the sun came out to energize you. Yes, those saline pools are fabulous -- no eye irritation either.

nancygrayce said...

Hee Hee, I never was too good at geography!

I'll say we did have to put some salt in the pool yesterday because all the water had been replaced with RAIN!!!