Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Life is hard.....

My sister and I were discussing on the phone this afternoon how hard life is.....she had that conversation with her husband and he said "what's so hard about it?" And she replied, "well, one of us is in a wheelchair." To which he replied, "you keep bringing that up!" But don't they make a handsome couple??

Actually, that is one of the promises Jesus gave us.....In John 16:33b...He says, "In this world you will have many troubles, but be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world." So even though life really is hard sometimes and we hear really terrible things on the news, we just MUST remember that He has overcome the world. He is with us to comfort us.
Today was just one of those days that need to slide on into bedtime! I went to get my haircut (not the bad part)...on my way home, my son called from my house (never a good sign). He's been laid off his job and was out putting in applications. So I made a few suggestions of places he might apply. Every one was rejected by him as "I don't want to work there!" I finally just threw up my hands and basically gave up the lecture.
Then tonight I was giving my mama a lecture about getting up more and getting stronger so she won't have to have caregivers and her money won't run out quickly! It seems like I'm always giving lectures nagging. So much so that my email address is ladynag@--------. That actually started as a joke between my husband and I. I just used his screenname and he got tired of instant messages popping up so he asked me to get my own space! I said well what will my name be? He said, well you nag a lot, so we came up with ladynag. I would change it, but it is so easy to remember and I wouldn't give up that moment of silence when I give it to someone on the phone! I always spell it and all the while thinking about the laugh they get when they figure out what it says! Gives me a laugh too!
So, anyway, I nag. I always say you should do what you're good at, and since I'm so good at that, I'll just have to keep nagging!
As I was writing this woebegone post on how hard life is, my phone rang. A dear friend of mine was diagnosed 3 months ago with a brain tumor...She went to UAB in Birmingham, AL and today went back for them to do a follow up MRI.....it turns out it was never a tumor to begin with but an aneurism, which is terrible in itself, but her's is enclosed by bone and membrane and the doctor said there is one half of one percent that it will ever rupture and that if it does, it won't go to the brain! So instantly the Son broke through the clouds and the day became a great day!


Needled Mom said...

That is a very handsome couple. As my mother who's in a wheelchair always says, "I'm still the same person...just shorter."

I am so glad that your friend does not have the diagnosed brain tumor. That does make for a good day!

Guess someone always needs to be the "nag." It's a lousy job but someone has to do it to keep everyone on track. :)

leslie said...

Great post and so glad your friend will be okay. Love your "name." :D

Tonja said...

What wonderful news for your friend!

I like to think of it as forceful persuasion instead of nagging! :)
And, if they would all do the right thing, there would be no need for us to forcefully persuade them to do something!

Sorry you're having mom and son problems... I know it is hard and tiring. I care.