Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Sometimes, I can't think of a good title for the day. So since today is Wednesday, well you get it! I do some volunteer work just for a few hours on Wednesday mornings. It's something I have a heart for and love doing. It is working with women and girls who have gotten pregnant and come for classes and counseling. Today there was only one girl in class and she came with her sweet baby. During the class, we just began to talk and I ask her about her baby's father. Her eyes welled up with tears as she explained that he was incarcerated and that somehow she had been involved and entered a plea so she wouldn't have to go to jail, especially since she was pregnant. Since she has been coming to class, she has shown a great deal of character, always there and on time...doing her homework and helping the other girls. She's not a young mother, she's 35. She worked in some very responsible positions. As we were talking she confided that she is now unable to find a job, because all the applications ask the question have you ever been arrested? So she puts yes, and is immediately dismissed from consideration. She said she thought about just putting no, but knew that would be wrong.

My heart broke for her as she was telling me consequence after consequence she is and will continue to suffer due to this wrong. She is very candid in admitting she was wrong and has asked for forgiveness. She has started going to church. She takes such good care of her baby. It is obvious that that's her first priority. My prayer is that some Christian employer will allow her to tell her story and give her a chance. Any of us who work at this center would be glad to be a character reference.

This made me think about how much our actions affect not only ourselves but all those around us, especially those we love and those who love us.

Tomorrow, mama and I go to Pensacola to see an orthopedic specialist there in hopes that something can be done for her arms. She is constantly in so much pain that it is hard for her to get around. (she does make it to bingo):) We are just praying that there is some treatment they can do that we haven't found so far!

So, I'll be gone from the computer for a day or so.


thouartloosed said...

I stopped by to see your blog. I will pray for this mother and her sweet baby. Also for your mother's pain to be relieved.
Thank you for your encouraging words.

nancygrayce said...

Thank YOU for your prayers Kathy!

Amrita said...

Hi Nancey,
The mother 's story is so touching. There are so many people who need special care and attention and prayer. Hope this lady holds on to her faith.

justabeachkat said...

Hi Nancy

I just stopped and prayed for this woman and her baby and for your Mom too. I hope the woman can find some help soon. Maybe the church can help find a job for her.? I prayed the doctor in Pensacola will know exactly what is needed to help your Mom.


Tonja said...

Prayers for this mom and baby, and for travelling safety for you and your Mom. Also for wisdom for the doctor.

Anonymous said...

What a touching story. How inspiring to do volunteer work. I am sure you are such a blessing to them there!

I will pray for her(the woman) and the job opportunities for her. Also be praying for your mom and for safe travels to P'cola and back.

(Myles was in the ICU at Sacred Heart there in P'cola)

Dawn said...

That is a sweet, sad story. My kids are both living with consequences of bad choices.

Annie said...

Thank you for volunteering at a center like that. Not long ago I was helping my friend start up a center in our town. We have a very high teen pregnancy rate. One of the hardest parts of running the center was finding volunteers. Volunteering is a very self-less thing to up valuable time from your day/week. Thanks again.

leslie said...

How wonderful of you to volunteer there! And I will pray for this young woman and her baby. Also for your Mom that the doctor will find something to relieve her pain. :D

staringintotheabyss said...

Why don't you give her the same advice you gave your son? She did the crime, she should have to do the crime, too. It's just too bad that our society gives womem who manage to get knocked up special consideration instead of making them pay for thier crimes. What probably happened was the father might have took the rap to keep his baby's momma out of jail. Ever consider that?

He Knows My Name said...

how wonderful for these women reach out when they are in really desperate need. my daughter didn't want to talk. she holds so much in to herself. i am really concerned about future consequences and have a hard time putting them and leaving them in God's hands. ~janel